The development of local portal from new development to survival

website operation is the most important part, while the local website is to focus on combining online and offline operations, plus the team cohesion of the operation, in order to allow local site more distinctive, more long ‘live’. The author at the Internet industry in recent years has been engaged in local station operators, summarize a few points, and the majority of the local station ".

analyzes competitor

believes that the small city has several China have considerable strength of the portal, but this does not hinder the development of the new site, the tide waves back backward waves, we analyze the opponent’s website and don’t think too high to be reached, all of the sites is a step by step, even some website with the support of the government or the newspaper, also need not fear, as long as the portal to make its own characteristics as well, and this feature does not exist at the beginning, do not exist can be accepted by the public, but only to careful management will be effective.

I like to run before the

website once organized barter activities, set up a separate page, establish a QQ group, let everyone with their stuff for others is not the thing, this activity received a lot of local recognition users in a short period of time, as well as the site has increased in popularity, effect remarkable.

seeking win-win cooperation

wants to develop a new thing, it must have a partner, this partnership of mutual benefit and win-win business website allows you to get hard returns during the period of cooperation, the rewards are many perhaps less, but the operator is definitely not a small encouragement, before I partners reached 30 home many, mostly local restaurants and KTV, the consumer entertainment is young or mainstream place website customer groups consumption, as long as you show your sincerity, your strength, coupled with good marketing staff, looking for a partner is not a problem.

team is the way to survive,

When the

website has just started, most is a person in the operation, the line may be busy confused and disoriented does not know where the head light which head, but remember, make sure you have spare time to analyze their own shortcomings, and seek to find your lack of team cooperation, complement point partners, and then to discuss to seek to have the relevant personnel to operate from the line of development and operation. Activities and partners in front of that line for all, a person can not be completed, the team cohesion, can have the development direction of the local website, the Three Stooges surpass Zhu Geliang, people more power, please keep in mind all the webmaster.

Three examples of

said, are suitable for the local portal website operation, the share is also because once saw too advanced to share their experience, the Internet is such that the spirit of sharing is very important, but there is a kind of mood one sows and another reaps. There are many skills and ways to operate a local portal

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