So much that one cannot bear to part with it! 2014’s top 20 excellent web designs


will be the same in 2014 to say goodbye, it’s time to review the great design this year! The famous design blog Designmodo selected 20 year outstanding website, these excellent web design not only carefully, and follow the popular trend of design.

web designers always keen to follow the latest design trends, so you can see the trend of flat design, minimalist style, parallax scrolling screen background in these outstanding ", etc.. Another common feature of these well-designed web sites is the good support for mobile terminals – responsive design. Really good websites always support as many devices as possible.

, look at the case before warming up, to understand the 2014 web design trends can not be missed!


, the designer’s essential skills, you need to learn to design meaningful effects.

"zhigenzhidi trend! 2014 worth mastering" ghost "

button" trend

"the latest don’t pass! 30 creative parallax scrolling website design"

then, let’s take a look at the top 20 best websites in 2014 to see why they attract so much attention. These 20 websites have been included in Awwwards, which is worth your daily visit to get inspiration.

The Capitol


, this site is based entirely on the more recent "Hunger Games" series, the website style is cool, and the site of brutal tonality very consistent. The overall design of the site is not complex, the color is simple, but the style is simple and bold, and the use of parallax scrolling design. The site uses vast amounts of information, video and other content to interact with users and make them seem to be in the movies.



, which may be one of the most popular web sites of the year, is not only elaborate, but also combines a number of popular design trends. The site uses a large number of big pictures for the background, visually pleasing to the eye. The site uses white text and ghost buttons, which appear to complement each other in the dark background. Beyond the main screen, the designer uses exquisite pictures and text to make a pleasant contrast with the white background.



Sokruta uses a striking big picture background, with simple and intuitive navigation, and the use of jigsaw sliders, so that the entire site is full of personality. These personalized designs are in vision >

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