Set thinking do not have to do website impetuous psychology

I help the company to do the site, today successfully on-line, the first job, this year’s graduates, I have no detours. Half do not say, also get tired.

everything stems from my impetuosity. I use the source code before not to read the instructions, in error, upload the program after the recent MEIZHE call to IDC. Ask not result, shouted miss service, also about two days to find the installed plug-in is wrong. Because I am in the local test is not wrong, why the error will be uploaded to the host, the program is no problem, big companies, the reputation of the products I put all the attention on the plug body, only the plugin is not compatible with the situation.

after about two days, but I see the use of program source code that is the end of hills and rivers have no doubt, There is a way out. LINUX need to host the XX folder 777.

recalled that he was visiting other people’s blogs or visiting the community during these days. In a great deal of time, other people’s works were listed at a glance. Learning knowledge is getting impatient.

in fact, we do the webmaster is the most taboo impetuous.

is a fine work to do as a station. The construction site must not hurry, eat hot tofu. At the early stage of construction site popularity is certainly not flourishing, simmer soup like business needs, step-by-step promotion, enrich the content of the website, for the growth of your blog to provide high quality nutrition. Many webmaster blog in the slow development of the time possessed by the devil, embarked on a black hat SEO Road, in order to make the site traffic rapid growth, achieve the purpose of profit only search engines can understand the crazy add to the website, online every day only the work issued by the chain.

SEO some of the benefits of the website, search engine is quite popular, because this is to assist robot working effect, but excessive SEO will not, this is the search engine with jobs, no matter how advanced technology, sooner or later will be replaced. Phoenix nest system K station explains all this, phoenix nest updated ranking algorithm, the accuracy of the information provided by a lot of improvement, those who only spam station is not in the user’s vision.

insists, always hold on.

what I do is not website, but loneliness. The stationmaster’s loneliness knows who knows. Even once online women say, find a boyfriend, don’t find the webmaster, because the webmaster does not understand romance; find husband will find the webmaster, because the webmaster will not have an affair. It seems that Siqingaoli’s sorrow will change into the sorrow of the Chinese stationmaster. We every day more than the Internet addiction standard time to stay in front of the computer business may not be profitable or we may not have the popularity of the site, we’re talking to the computer only, and the monitor inside the 12px Arial text.

stationmaster is silent >

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