What are the mainstream business systems now

with the development of e-commerce, the listing of Alibaba, the construction of the industry website is also more and more popular, and gradually become the majority of Internet users preferred to start an undertaking. Traditional industry bosses are also increasingly aware of the inevitability of online marketing,

sex, or establish your own industry website, or choose to go to the industry website, product information and advertising information. Enterprises, industry stations gradually more up, Internet users online shopping soared

builds its own network, builds its own brand, and makes itself more flexible to create more value for

rather than blindly following Ali

now many programs are open source, ASP, PHP,.NET, many programs, a lot of

we certainly want to use the best for ourselves. Here I will introduce these programs

is the data that is collated according to the network

1 ASP is easy to use, but has serious vulnerabilities and poor security. It is not recommended for commercial use,


PHP has so many advantages, fast, safe, free

mainstream two mall system

number one: ECSHOP

brief introduction: the country’s largest open source single user mall. Has been acquired comsenz. There is only a single user segment.

advantages: open source, higher quality code. The scale of the company is large, the upgrade is guaranteed. The template is very good, free of charge. And the system integration with DZ should have its own advantages,.

The disadvantage of the

product line is not complete, only a single user product, too complicated. Useless background operation function more, use the BUG, rather baffling or some. Only a single user


database support: mysql

second: shopex

brief introduction: the oldest home mall system. Has been invested by PChome founder. Perfect product line.

advantages: time is longer, we may have a trust in it. The upgrade is more frequent, also introduced a number of auxiliary tools. Also good,.

disadvantages: service quality is not good, the basic user comments, it is difficult to take effective, you can go to the forum to see he is the most headache of his background operation, as mumbo-jumbo as obscure. The template is not good-looking

. Multi user mall is expensive,

database support: mysql

free users for their own small and medium-sized stores, personal entrepreneurship, you can try

3.NET stable

nets, odd

network odd Network >

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