Rookie start from scratch station experience

rookie from scratch to do the total experience of the station, Admin5 starting.

for the first time in Admin5 write articles, support, thank you.

remembers my first personal homepage, which was set up in the dark horse, and belongs to the self-help type. Add some pictures, reprinted some articles, went in and became a personal home page, ha ha. At that time, in order to add some FLASH special effects, get a few days, the station to get confused, then very excited.

got more than a month, met any2000 self-help Station feeling is much stronger than the horse, then love movie download, so do a thunderbolt movie download station, go to the forum to find a lot of film inside, after the site to QQ friends, also sent to some forum, every day there are about dozens of IP any2000 has a personal home page ranking, ranked first in the station is energy-saving station (not for me, ha ha. ), see his statistics every more than 10 thousand IP, very surprised, immediately added his QQ, to ask him, ask him to teach me to do, and talk to him for a few days, know a lot of knowledge, the first time that the website can make money, the first time that Admin5, he often told me to see article admin5.

to Admin5 is eye-opening, there are so many webmaster, do stand about so many good articles, from Admin5 to Admin5 every day, read a few articles into the homely food (especially with such a good Admin5) know here, with the program site (not by self station limit), here know HTML, SEO, etc..

read a lot of articles on Admin5, do a few steps station, ready to do an independent station, spent 100 yuan to buy a 200M space and business space (movie station enough), then go to Admin5 registered a domain name that yuan special love to movies. So we get a tudou7 to do the online movie station, do more than a month, Baidu is not included, Google received dozens of pages, every day gooogle to several IP, every day. In QQ, the IP is not a hundred every day. Looking for reasons everywhere, every day or on Admin5 read articles, Baidu search how to improve the site traffic?……

has learned a lot of promotion these days, including SEO. Just contact SEO, feel very mysterious, subtle. (it is also very vague, ha ha) spent more than a month’s time to learn SEO, in stationmaster friend’s recommendation, Wang Tong learned the tutorial in Admin5 SEO’s article read all, a month after the application and the blog practice every day, Baidu TOP, search keywords. Then to reprint some related articles, modify title and content, organize into pseudo original, sent to the blog, hang Google Advertising (make some dollars, ha ha), and then apply for PR>

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