Operation two days P2 million next step how to go


iFrame alliance has been operating for 2 days and is expanding rapidly, with the league’s overall IP rising from 20000 in the first 3000 to

it all cannot do without the support of users, but also, from the initial operation of iFrame alliance began to be exploited by criminals, once used to load malicious programs or popups, all this has brought great losses to all the members of the alliance. I am the developer and manager of the alliance, and I am obligated to fight against these bad behaviors. I have deleted 3 illegal pages, but the consolidation has been rectified and the bad behavior has continued. The iFrame alliance horse, that if the members of the web is not the indirect effects of


now IP2 million, the influence will be more and more, I will face huge challenges. The management workload will be more and more, so I decided to open the reporting system, at the same time to review the new page. Although these measures will affect the convenience of the operation, I am also considering the future of the alliance.

users now placed the code you can see a small icon flow in ascension ", at the same time there will be" report horse "tips in the icon, the user clicks on the link you can brush the horse page report.

hopes that the new system will enable us to understand that it is only an idea and has not yet come into effect. It is expected to come into effect on the evening of 15. At the same time in the future will be opened integral trading function, you can buy and sell points.

thank you for your support, I believe that the iFrame alliance can achieve greater scale in the joint efforts of everyone, can bring more valuable traffic to the webmaster.

iFrame Alliance: http://s.iframe.pathv.com

, my QQ:11853074

thanks ants for their valuable advice!


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