How do get 300 knives to remind my friends to be on the alert

big liar "no tomorrow" may change Q, and then cheat, please note…

explained before exposing the cheats. I am using paypal for the first time, and I don’t know much about this transaction process. Coupled with easy to believe others, so lead to deception. Hope friends, rookie, don’t be like me. I open a paste here, one is to expose the liar, and the two is to warn future generations.

big liar "no tomorrow", we want to use the mentality of cash as soon as possible, and he was trading people to develop a "11 days" to verify the terms of the king. This gave him time to wire his bank account. He differs from the average liar in winning credit by small transactions with others. In this way, he laid the foreshadowing for his later bigger circle of more money.

, tell me how he lied to me first. First of all, he changed me to PP, because I was a novice and trusted him, so I was at his disposal. The whole process of the transaction was basically done under his action. 30, he traded until the night, and he said my PP was having a problem and said the money was frozen. When I thought about it, I didn’t feel right, but there was no evidence, and he showed me a frozen map. My brother’s PayPal was frozen because the same IP came out a day more. So I’ve always thought that my own PP is out of question and that’s my own reason. But when I got here, I had a question in my mind. (why my PP is blocked, the account number can be up, and there is no hint, and my PP mailbox also didn’t see the letter from paypal. I don’t know about PayPal, veteran don’t laugh at my.


until more and more people came to see him in the group, my questions were getting bigger and bigger. Then I landed on my PP number and mailbox all the time. I didn’t see any of them. Then I turned the chat record out and found out that the screenshot he gave me was like this. I couldn’t see the account and only half of it. (ghost knows he’s a plot there) until I don’t think I’m being cheated, and then I’ll ask my brother to look at my account number. (many people may know him, QQ nickname – – New English custom station (QQ 120214)) to do this he Wangzhuan earlier, so this problem is to understand the PP. He entered my account and saw that my PP was no problem at all. This time only to know cheated. Look, these people in the group are looking for him every day. I’m still looking for "no tomorrow". I came out to see if it really cheated me. Because he later made a promise to repay the crowd (and later proved that he was using the money order, just to win time for him to withdraw money.). At the same time, he was able to make a successful withdrawal, thanks to his buddy group management, "waiting for the princess", because he was in the group again and again to clarify, no tomorrow is not a liar, and they are not "accomplices."". Let’s not say whether they’re partners or not. But his irresponsible statement should not. Then he went to e blond hair >

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