Enterprise website construction needs rational not greedy small and cheap price

the rapid development of the Internet, so that enterprises increasingly feel the importance of the network, a time enterprises have built, in a large number of enterprise sites, the template should be accounted for most of the station. The network is full of a large number of template sites, but the template website is not conducive to the development of enterprises, nor can it play a role in enterprise publicity, there is no meaning. This makes many enterprises responsible for this view: "do not use the website, not to bring customers, but also sell products."."

go deep into its underlying causes, the crime is not in the network. First of all, we should see the future trend of business activities. In the future, the world will certainly be a highly networked time and space. People will exchange information and trade with each other through a wide range of networks. A beautiful, practical and valuable enterprise website, its role and potential is immeasurable. This point, anyone who has a long-term vision, can not deny. But there are not many companies that really benefit from the internet. What is the reason for this situation? There are a lot of reasons: the template site, caused a similar online station, similar stations appear constantly, this kind of website of enterprise brand damage, site security, network marketing effect is the problem can not be ignored, harmfulness in urgent need of enterprises attach importance to.

then, what harm does template construction stand in, and it has become a cancer of enterprise e-commerce?

1, which is a template, does not guarantee that no other industry or enterprise will use the same template. I would like to ask, what are the image of the enterprise to speak of? Too many similar information and pages, visitors do not like, search engines do not like, customers do not like.

2, because it is a template, has been repeated use of a large number of enterprises. There must be more and more problems exposed. Your competitors or other malicious people will easily enter the website backstage. May I ask if your information and some orders and enquiries from customers will still be retained?

3, because it is a template, the initial investment may be very low, five hundred or six hundred yuan may be even lower, two hundred or three hundred dollars have it. But when it comes to recognizing that template sites simply do not work for enterprise development, re build the site. The upfront investment becomes meaningless. Please believe that, although the site construction threshold is getting lower and lower, but a few hundred want to do a really useful web site, or impossible.

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