Look at the scenic spots Chinese assets do not see the domain name spelling

you talk about the article research the tourism network marketing: blog has a very classic quotations on the mall: only when the tide goes out, we found out who did not wear pants. But the big wave gold, but we always love to do things after Zhu Geliang, the past pointing, repeated over and over again if and if: if I was wearing underpants? But the fact is that you don’t wear.

when the Internet and China Travel contact at that moment, both jumped on a beautiful waltz, won the whole of China’s e-commerce sector bursts of applause. Tourism e-commerce has been China rapid development for more than 10 years, you talk about the blog the thought that after this tide baptism, most China tourism bosses have begun to renew ideas, re-examine the tourism e-commerce value of the tourism network marketing strategy eye. But no. Friends will ask: Why are you so sure? I just ask those scenic spots the bosses of a simple question to this judgment, that is, tourist attractions of the Chinese spelling domain in your hand? I believe that the domestic tourism bosses nine out of ten will be shaking his head, and then repeat those if I was if · · · · · · · may be registered.

scenic spots Chinese spelling value:

domain name

1, unique exclusive

scenic spots Chinese Quanpin domain name is unique, who first registered who first, as long as other people registered, tourist attractions can not be registered, especially the com suffix Chinese spelling domain because of its scenic huge network usage more value.

2, in line with Chinese habits,

scenic spots Chinese Quanpin domain is also in line with people’s habits, with the popularity of the Internet, more and more Chinese people are accustomed to Pinyin input, with a Chinese domain name spelling habits also make people easy to remember, also contribute to the tourism marketing.

3, which is good for search engine ranking

today, the Internet search engines (Google, Baidu, etc.) control more than 50% of the network traffic, basically, the Internet users will search through search engines to browse their own needs of the web. This is the congenital advantage Chinese Quanpin domain name scenic spots, because the segmentation technology of search engine technology and made use of synonyms Chinese pinyin spelling habits as a support, so in the search results page, Chinese spelling domain ranking will be closer to the top.

4 helps tourism brand form

now the scenic spots are beginning to pay attention to the construction of scenic spot brand, and the construction of tourist brand should be all-round and three-dimensional. Especially in the Internet is becoming more and more indispensable part of people’s lives, today, the tourist attractions of the brand building can not be separated from the network. Simple >

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