How do webmasters keep P and grab registered users

first venture to the webmaster to ask a question: as a webmaster, do you think your website where? Where is the website profit pattern? (advertising in general is not reliable!) you pay to get in return? (a few cents and a few dollars or a few hundred dollars!) can earn website operation the cost of


if your answer is not clear, you have serious self reflection, the webmaster can’t eat! So you must be in the establishment of the thought of how to make money? Of course purely by interest or hobby except do stand it (which is Chinese users respect! You know) survival is the hard truth.

to make money, first of all clear, I am B2C website, or novel, picture website. The idea is clear, and the next is the top priority – the website’s profit model,

The profit model

has just built, and then step by step, create and improve profit mode. That won’t be like a headless fly,


to make money, the profit model established before, we must first ensure that the site of IP, even if not difficult, not difficult or difficult? If you think about it, I want to think of things in common: user registration! With the user, with the back, don’t worry about the website IP, do not worry about traffic


this section, let’s discuss some of the basics of user registration first. Some notes for registration.

1. website content: your website content at least enough, good enough, can let the user interested in registration, so the content is King Jade wrong. Of course, you can guarantee that your site, even if it is reproduced content than other sites in front of Baidu, Google, you also won the


2. users: analysis of website content you interested? Such as bean ( is a group of users in it some more knowledge, and to understand the Internet, so you know, why is registered by mail it! Because they have a mailbox, maybe you don’t feel what. But the site is often the details determine the success of Baidu! For example, (, with a joke positioning, encouraged many Internet users to participate in, and share in the original, good word-of-mouth marketing. Also an example: 51 website (, his registration is the nickname why, why is the video verification? Because they are some non mainstream users love, love the show, some young people self love, and you will find that in 51 there are seventy percent users of Internet users, then you to understand why they need to verify the video? Because Internet cafes are generally camera (of course now there are many notebook camera function, but at that time, the 51 established that personal computer video function is still very limited. ) then, can anyone who has access to an Internet cafe have a mailbox? Yes, of course, so you can see the user registration of the 51 site is not >

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