Mou Changqing talk about the true value of website PR value

this article very early, very long ago wanted to write, online often see someone message said, now PR value is no value. Every time I see such a message, I smile. No matter what, can be accepted by most people, there is the value of existence.

first talk about change links, why to want to see the PR value? Because the PR value high site, the quality is good, easy to swap improve their website weight, improve their website weight, then get traffic from search engines. This is the most see the PR value of the so-called role, in the eyes of some people this effect is of little use, so it’s not jue. If only because of the high PR link exchange, can improve the site weight, get traffic from search engines, light such a reason, I wouldn’t be here today to write this article, because of this, I am not Jue, feel no need to spend so much energy to exchange links. Now directly on the topic, and share with you, the PR value is high, in addition to the weight of the site to help, there are some other values.

1: PR value easier to get traffic from the navigation station

if it’s a common unknown website, it’s hard to be included in the navigation station. But when your website PR value is very high, talking about the navigation station included a lot easier. The PR value of the high and low, in many navigation stations are included in one of the standards, many navigation station directly announced the value of the PR value included more than the number of websites. Especially some navigation station also want to get some high PR value outside the chain, so if your website PR value, to some navigation station to make a link. Maybe the navigation station will give some good places. Probably because you pay a link, you can get hundreds of thousands of traffic feedback.

according to my experience, general 50-100W traffic level navigation station, PR6 website to each other to do a link, get a good internal page, included no problem. If the 10-50W level navigation station, you give each other a home page link, may also get the other party home position recommendation. The final effect, the key depends on how you talk, see your BD ability, this is what I have done, and can do it. You can also see an article written before the promotion of post navigation station: especially before I wrote a summary of the PR7 navigation station, navigation station I believe many friends, will also pay more attention to the PR value of ascension, are willing to go through this way, add some outside the chain of high PR.

two: exchange links with big websites to enhance the brand image of the website

a small website, how can you exchange links with big websites, especially some of the top websites in china. First of all, you should understand the standard of changing links for big websites. Large sites for friendship links generally 2 standards, or your web site is very background, but also a big web site, or your PR value is very high, and is similar website. I think most friends are hard to reach

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