was in the sea shore where a boat

the day before yesterday to drag a friend to help, send something, but people do not accept, but also give me a lesson, ask me a few questions on the spot, asked me to live, they are private owners, experience a lot, experience a lot, so I do not admire these questions are not good, I can never say never considered, there is no thought, come back after considering a lot, found himself too tender, in front of more and more problems, the challenge is also increasing, head of the road is very long, at the same time I was also repeated in ask yourself "what the business on the road and how much?" because I was a little afraid, a little breathless, now things have given me a headache, but still did not expect problems continue to appear, the only feeling is "really want to make things really It’s too hard." At the same time, I also thought of a lot of odds and ends. Today to share this article, but also to relieve their pressure, absolutely personal perception, absolutely true, if you want to disturb friends, please do not continue to look at it.

I am the sea in a boat

I began to doubt my heart bearing capacity, little was unable to resist sustain the blows sitting in a chair, eyes closed, the emergence of a picture in my mind there is a world of waters sea, a boat, above me, look around and see the land, what also have no, only myself, from afar the boundless sea, also hiding a shark or a monster, what? Oh, what time there will be strong wind and big waves appear?……

despair, fear, blind and helpless, these four words can explain my mood now. Has been far away from the shore, do not want to go back empty handed, but the direction suddenly disappeared, had a fear of the unknown future, but the power is still ahead, as for how long is unknown, because the previous faith have been cruel reality hit shake. But I know that I have not done my best, there is still room for progress, and will continue, but temporary helplessness, I feel unprecedented fear.

because of this, let me re-examine myself, also think of some, perhaps to webmaster friends help.

15 questions

should reflect on

1: as a long station, in their own eyes is playing site, or in the network business? Sometimes mentality determines everything, believe this sentence?


2: their own interests, the interests of customers, the first thing to consider when doing things, which if you do, plus a "sincere heart", I think the effect will be how?


3: there are two months to 09 years, the site’s expectations and plans have a prototype,


how much progress has been made on the site at 4:08? How much did you learn? Did you make a summary?

5: some things have been thought of to do, but there is no practical action to practice, such a thing? Is there courage to dare not think?

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