Common problems and solutions in English website construction

English website construction of the common problems are:

1. website design in China, not in line with foreign users browsing habits, leading to foreigners is difficult to find the information and browsing habits he wants, feel uncomfortable;

2. website design is not professional, rough workmanship, a lot of English grammar mistakes, leading to foreign users feel that the company is very small, very professional and careless, and not get its cooperation opportunities;

3. websites cannot be opened abroad, or it is hard for foreign users to open their websites;

4. website message feedback, online consultation, e-mail consultation is the furnishings, users asked for a long time, did not get back;

5. website basic optimization has not done, in overseas series search engine rankings, so that buyers are difficult to find;

6. website optimization does harm, be sealed by search engine, cause to cannot find this website on search engine;

7. ignores the local user habits abroad, ignoring the well-known local websites and yellow pages and other buyers commonly used tools.

for the above solutions, it is recommended to start with the following:

1. web design westernized, in line with overseas customers browsing habits. Note that the font size (Westerners love smaller font), encoding the browser (overseas many users do not install Chinese language support website should use UTF-8 encoding), details of the deal (language details, website design fine etc.).

2. website design reference foreign well-known big company, make atmosphere, sedate imposing manner, such as, etc.. Users rarely come to the mainland to study abroad, a lot of information is through the website to know, if the company is small, the atmosphere should be made on the website to show their company’s strength and professional, if the company is big, should show their qualification and strength.


3. site is placed on servers overseas to ensure overseas users access to the site. If it is a global user base, it is recommended to use the US host.

4. uses the overseas enterprise mailbox or has the overseas forwarding function high end enterprise mailbox, guarantees the global send and receive normal. Domestic mail server because of spam problems, IP address is often blocked abroad, resulting in overseas mail is often returned or can not be received, which will seriously affect the normal business dealings.

5. construction site to site optimization of the most basic, such as keyword optimization, navigation optimization, tag optimization, keyword density should pay attention to, these can be regarded as the basic configuration of the modern construction site.

6. not to opportunistic, to do some dishonest marketing methods, such as sending spam, search engines and other disadvantages, the consequences are very serious.

7. know more about the usage habits of target customers. Such as in Europe, many professions >

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