Personal webmaster to build local portal station nine steps song

world financial crisis gradually subsided, people out of the crisis is becoming more and more cautious, personal webmaster has become more and more practical and rational, figure wangdage also warned us: local portal website has gradually become the mainstream. Build a local portal station, is undoubtedly the personal stationmaster plan in the next station, I to 3 years of local station operation experience summary, build the local portal station nine steps, for the majority of webmaster friends reference.

, download the free version of the program. A good program is the source and motive force of the development of the site, several years of development through the local portal station, local classified information procedures more maturely, such as diversity, marine, classified information, network information, shop, map, anti spam, acquisition and static functions we choose program standards;

two, select the station name and domain name. Station name to the atmosphere, can represent the local city, it is best to include the city name as key words, convenient for future promotion. A good domain name, the local stand plays an important role, but the pure city name and code don’t delusion, with area code, zip code, city name combination is a good choice,.Com is preferred, such as second of my local portal station: (Pingxiang), just over 1 months, Baidu included 1300, Pingxiang ranked sixth in the domain name and station name best reflect keywords;

three, find a good space. Small space, simple function can be the most important point, stability, space once the problem before it takes naught, remember: don’t cheap;

four, publish website. General space has online decompression, you can open the site in a few minutes. Then the classification information of new columns and keywords, such as rent, dating, marriage, recruitment, purchase, supply and other commonly used classification, just started not too detailed, this is not the amount of information not too little, to concentrate on a few good column;

five, appropriate collection. Don’t superstitious SEO, the website was collected before appropriate collection, enrich the site is necessary, if not prepared to collect, the best into the relevant forum for help;

six, Submit search engine, increase the chain. This does not need to say, online search "seven days included new station" a lot of experience, make full use of your interpersonal relationship, increase the chain;

seven, add content. In order to let the spider every day to climb, every day to update a few original article is necessary, you can search local news, pseudo original, you can have local popular keywords. Often around the local, such as job fairs, party, as early as possible on your web site, we should make full use of local information resources, web content to meet local characteristics;

eight, publicity and promotion. The local station development cannot do without the support of the local people, with lots of local groups, often in a local forum and Post Bar local users understand love; if you have time and Money, offline publicity is a good way, can not be achieved if the operation of the company, it is best not to put too much, avoid naught;

nine, start collecting money. >

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