Push one to kill the soft net

The soft kill

network since the No. 3.20 launched today the number 4.13 has 25 days, at yesterday’s traffic 793IP, and every day has been a steady growth in the individual keywords have achieved good ranking, bring a lot of traffic. For the master station, the 25 day to do 1000IP traffic, must have a small kis, certainly will be very proud to tell people I used 3 days, I used 1 days to do this traffic, but I just want to say, I am trying to do it, in the exploration and practice, believe in a period of experience accumulation, I can.

now to share my 25 angels do, first of all, do they know and love to do, I first do IDC, in addition to customer problems every day, leaving plenty of time to face the computer, lead to a period of time he was numb, in front of the computer did not know what to do, every day is to visit the new network, mixed technology forum, the rest of the time is to see the movie. So I wanted to be a website, do what is good, before doing several websites, because they are not familiar with the piece, the flow has been stopped, so it is hanging on the very mind, shopping in some AdSense and technology forums every day, many people do stand from the familiar the thing, so it is easy to do, so had to do the soft kill network idea.

The next

is to choose a domain name and website program, check a lot about antivirus class domain name, all seniors registered, there is no way to finally registered the domain name www.sharuan.net, although long, but belong to Larry, but also do antivirus software class website, can be. Then is the website program, find a lot of CMS, finally decided to use the DEDECMS, although the website style is the default, have impact on Baidu and weight, but I modify the style in active learning, believe in the future you will see the new soft kill network style.


domain name, web site procedures have been set up, add is the column setting and content, I learned a lot of columns do antivirus software website experience, combined with Baidu index and user needs, and most of the user experience, now set up such columns, believe in the market economy, as long as the demand a large amount of your products to the broader market, at present, the effect is very good. Before the website was officially launched, the content of the website must be substantial. I spent 2 nights, selected a lot of excellent articles and the most urgent needs of the users, posted them on the website, and then made a simple promotion. The second day of a Baidu site:www.sharuan.net is actually a collection of GG, second days after the day included, from Baidu and GG flow, GG flow rate is much higher than Baidu, their own happy, this is the website Baidu included the fastest time, hope to write out some of the difficulties included friends help.

in the next 20 days, every night at a fixed time to add content, every day to add 4-8 different content, Baidu and GG included

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