Mou Changqing talk about using QQ nternet to help the Forum

Remember last year when

was Shenggang Kang acquisition of Tencent, the webmaster circle of friends in the discussions, the acquisition of Tencent, will give Shengqi Kang’s products, especially discuz bring what kind of change. At that time, there are many webmaster friends in speculation, Tencent will get a key login?. As long as you use the QQ number, you can log on all forums using the DZ program. Slowly, I didn’t expect the speculation to come true.

reminds me of a dream that I did when I promoted forums. I had a universal account, and all forums got an account with the same password as ID. Later need to do BBS promotion time, open a BBS, can login, so as to improve the efficiency of promotion. In foreign countries already have such a pass, an account number can log on a number of sites, convenient for users, but also to facilitate the site. Like UnionPay cards, which banks can withdraw money, so that the people get money convenient, consumption is more convenient, thus promoting the economic circulation. It shows that the 1st pass is also the trend of tidal current development.

in the country, in fact, there are many small passes, such as NetEase and Sohu have similar XX pass, but are limited to such a large website, its various web site accounts can login each other. NetEase and Sohu pass again resourceful, only on its own website. And the emergence of QQ interconnection, so that thousands of W forums can use QQ landing, and now is not only the use of DZ program forums, the use of PHPWIND can also. And look at the current trend of development, may not be limited to forums later, as long as members of the function of the site, you can use QQ landing. Because of the advantages of the QQ user base, the QQ interconnect is the only tool that is possible to implement this unified pass.

QQ Internet changes to forums

had to say, 28 push forum is lucky, just launched on the use of X1.5, the beginning of the interactive more powerful forum program. Especially after the opening of the QQ Internet functionality to 28 push users active, there is a very big role in promoting. QQ Internet is Discuz! 7 services of cloud platform, QQ Internet has 3 main functions: "QQ account login, QQ space social component, the Tencent micro-blog share in this case with 28 push and share.

1: QQ account login: let BBS registration threshold lower, promote BBS popularity

28 push forum from November 11th last year officially launched, and now are using the invitation system registration, not open ordinary registration. Now there are many webmaster friends may think that I did not open ordinary registration, and I do not know I have no difficulties with, because once the open registration, there are many machines registered to the ID forum, mass advertising. Several times I try to open the forum was soon forced to ads, so only to close the general registration channel, thereby reducing the waste ID registration, but also to some really want to register 28 push friends created a threshold, too.

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