Go forward in the dark am the first pot of gold for the stationmaster

, my major in information management. Since graduating from three universities in June 2011, I have been working as an SEO in an educational training company. When I went there, I worked as an intern at 1000 dollars a month. I had no pay for the first week, and I bought pens and paper myself. Take notes on the "SEO one hundred thousand why" sent by the supervisor.


thought the technology was amazing,

because before learning programming and site building, so the SEO knowledge, especially code optimization, accepted very quickly. At that time, I learned that the site is not just a web page with Three Musketeers to do a few pages, but includes the operation, promotion, optimization and so on a series of links.

with the vision of a better future, I began to learn what like hunger and thirst to < and title> < description> < keyword> three labels, pseudo original, anchor text, white hat, black hat standing group of promotion and so on.

a week later, I’m officially going to work. The only job at that time was to send out the chain. Handmade hair many, many of the chain. A day of one hundred chains, on the soso hair, BBS hair, community hair, blog hair, signature in the hair, micro-blog hair, anyway, as long as can leave the URL of the place, I will go to patronize.

so 3 months, made 6000 outside the chain, but also accompanied by soft text. Because I sent a large number of links, good quality, during the period has also been promoted to supervisor supervisor, wages from monthly salary of 1K, rose to 1K5.

repeated mechanical work, gradually tired of me, the site has reached a bottleneck, but most importantly, 6-8 months after the enrollment season. The charge begins absent-minded, the following two colleagues also find another way. I can’t stand myself.

jumped to another company and trained as well. Film and television production training, but also advertising business, but not much. Here, my position became the head of the network department (although I was the only person in the network), and the salary rose to 1200.

company has its own website, but the ranking is not good, can only rely on Baidu auction to maintain the source. I think the chance to own, can finally realize the ambition.

first of all, I changed the key words, because the customer is mainly in Hubei, Wuhan, I put keywords in front of the Wuhan area, so as to avoid competition with the national counterparts, reducing the pressure of the rankings.

then, I restored the site updated one night, and each is 80% of the original artifacts.

finally, I do the old line, hair chain, and even built a few Q group, forwarding every day.

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