nternet access can become a new model of Web site

even though "Internet access" is not my web’s initiative, it has a fairly practical utility that is enough to make it an innovation for people on the internet". For hundreds of millions of Internet users, it must be a good way to improve their efficiency, increase their convenience and facilitate their enjoyment of the internet. From a commercial point of view, this should also be a promising market opportunities.

The value of

on the Internet is mainly embodied in its practicability. It caters to a basic demand of Internet users, that is, how to get to the subject page that you want to go as soon as you get on the internet.

generally speaking, there are four kinds of people on the Internet after landing way: one is the favorites, two is the address bar, three is Baidu or other search methods, the four is to determine a relatively fixed first time landing page "set home".

These four ways of

have their own merits, but they also have different and convenient places.

favorite way is the Internet more convenient way, through your favorite web pages to save and form a web menu, attention at any time. But it is monotonous, lack of interest, and if the address of the content is too much, still be in disorder.

The convenience of the

address bar is one step to find the target site, but still looks messy, and the amount of co.. The computer is not belong to their own circumstances this one will not be able to use the problem also lies in this – favorites.

, Baidu, or other search tools can be unaffected by your own computer. But every time you find a web site, it’s a bit too much trouble.

own the machine a page will set your landing "home" or on other machines of course a good temporary landing page, but its drawback is that you can only see a fixed page in the first time. Usually, we always have many requirements on the Internet, such as watching news, writing blogs, going to forums and so on. And only a fixed home page, can only satisfy our use of a web page, still can not satisfy our multiple Internet demand at the fastest speed.

and the "Internet page", at exactly the same time as the convenience to solve the above four kinds of logging methods, and let users have a centralized, integrated, multi-functional home district. And this home page is still the result of DIY – to a large extent, entirely independent of their own control. By setting up the usual web site, you can browse the entire Internet matrix one page, just like the network pass that Zhang Zhaoyang’s classmate opened at Sohu". Because you can DIY, this one Internet access, and at the same time become a personal home page, later can be upgraded to have independent domain name home page, add more personalized content. Does it make the Internet more interesting to think about it?.

maybe, we really need an Internet access.

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