The root cause of the lack of popularity in the game network is nothing

I think fashion network popularity is low, or publicity is not done. If you do a good job in fashion network publicity, popularity, click rate will come naturally. I summed up, wrote the following ten publicity methods.

1.QQ propaganda, most of the current users have QQ it? Many people, QQ hundreds of people. There are dozens of fewer, so that these QQ friends to help promote your website. If you have some very attractive things on your website (for example, horror or especially funny pictures). Take this picture and your web site and transfer friends from QQ to other friends on their own QQ, so that more people will register with you and play. In this way, the pyramids pass down, the figures are terrible. The QQ number is also very impressive, can add some special hot QQ, send some information (we recommend the individuality signature QQ data into (Yulgang only what you want the most, is the software resources, the latest games, auxiliary, news and so on. You’ve come to fashion network, we have the best attitude for you, your service, I guarantee you come once, want to come two times…… We look forward to seeing you, [you can write whatever you want, as long as it’s on fashion networks].

2: mass mailing method was early, but there is still a little effect, the title of the proposal: attractive, simple and clear. Don’t deceive others. Also, make sure the typography is clear.

3: promotional activities can engage in some activities in the site provide some prizes, such as the QQ number, and also can rely on Q coins to provide free resources to attract users.

4: join your website, (etc.)

5 Links: mutual exchange links with the same type of website, will enhance mutual visits of their own, will give users a convenient, Skynet and Bing Bing [eight].

6. traditional way: your business card, product description, packaging, traditional media, etc. are all effective ways to spread your web site.

7: content attracts: the key point of the website is content, only the user is interested in your content, can you visit your website ceaselessly.

8 features attract: if you have some features on your site that will be useful to each other, you will also retain users who are interested.

9. benefits: your website can bring benefits to users, such as very cheap products, free services and so on.

10: manager is a pillar of the forum, they have not the right, but the responsibility. The so-called merit to discerning, choose those who have ability to manage people do not refuse to edit and delete any of those other posts, only application owner who swagger before others.

here to a few mistakes: one is the owner of the position for himself and.

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