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"reference": the effect index assumes

07 years ago, Sweetgreen was just a green fast food shop selling non organic organic foods from local farms. Then it became a green concept restaurant, cutlery, furniture, green conservation principles, lights, energy and wind energy. After 2010, sweetgreen launched a sustainable development program through school partnerships, which, with a series of activities such as green music festivals, started the brand name. In the 13 year, it received an investment of $22 million. This green well ingrained play, basically can make people feel it, go to the dining shop, as if you are in support of healthy food and sustainable development itself.

The traditional

users moved to the net so that the red earth had growing soil. One of the most important reasons is that there are tens of millions of fans behind them. What are fans? From an Internet perspective, one by one fan


has high cost, long cycle and slow return…… Has become a major problem restricting the economic development of traditional stars. Many people attribute the star economy to the current fans. However, they just ignored one of the most fundamental problem is that the star economy is called star economy, one big reason behind is that it has a huge fan base, the fans, the star in the economy "Star" to top star economy of Pyramid students are lack of. These fans support, the star of "building" economy will face the risk of capsizing.


in a fully competitive market, only those who have unique value, technological updates, advanced ideas or unique vision can stand out.


however, with the change of the mode of communication, the star economy has also begun to change. The traditional "Star" as the main carrier, began to change to "net red" as the main carrier. Although many people do not consider net red as a real star, the trend is inevitable. A big migration across the film, television and song circles has quietly arrived. The emergence of Papi sauce and the concern for capital is a very clear example.

1. from fast food chains to organic brands: Sweetgreen

"reference": * * * *

founder: Aaron Goldstein

creation time: 2013

creation time: 2007

a lot of people will see the popularity of Papi sauce as an accident. They do not think Papi sauce represents the current trend of fan economy, but with the change in the mode of communication, Papi sauce turns have made these people’s views become vulnerable. So, why do Papi sauce come along? Is their presence really an accident? I don’t think so.


"reference" type: brand building

2. intelligent thermometer, life Patch

with the "Internet plus" era, especially with the emergence of short video, broadcast and other new forms of communication, bearing style of fans economy is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down. The traditional star economy based on the media such as television and movies began to move towards the net economy transfer of the main media such as short video, live broadcast and other media.

I horse: the United States every month will increase 500 thousand new start-ups, emerging countless entrepreneurial inspiration, in fact, many patterns are China entrepreneurs can learn, but many are ignored, let us look at the seven different entrepreneurial inspiration should learn from the place where it is

founders: Nicolas, Jammet, and Steve Case


, as these people have attributed to incomplete reasons, they do not know the star before becoming a star, one of the most important reason, that is to spread. Only by constantly spreading to let more people know, stars can attract more people, influence more people, stars will become stars. If separated from the spread, the star will become gloomy.

"reference" meaning: now China has a similar idea of the restaurant, but in terms of scale, brand building, or influence, and Sweetgreen are far apart. Building a successful brand is far more influential than a theme restaurant.

star economy, became a star often requires a company to create a full range of packaging and can be accepted by the majority of fans, the star became the top of the "Pyramid" of the industrial chain, large occupation categories and appear because of stars. "Internet plus" era, this situation began to change, the drawbacks of traditional star economy also began to be exposed.

today, I dark horse small inventory of these seven entrepreneurial ideas, both App applications, but also fashion upstart, as well as cutting-edge brand concept, the latest technology trends, as well as features of the service platform. Of course, "copying" is not always successful. We should carefully and thoroughly understand their patterns and make adjustments for "transplantation and grafting" to China so as to create more value.

transition time: 2010

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