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public information shows that the ants were changed by Zhejiang Alibaba and Agel Ecommerce Ltd. The registered capital was $1 billion 229 million, and the latest round of financing was valued at $60 billion. After the listing of the ants, according to the current valuation is expected to go beyond the Uber and financial giant Goldman Sachs Group, and Ma’s personal wealth is even expected to shoulder Bill Gates.

currently, the ants Kim said, there is no timetable for IPO, nor to determine the location of the listing.

, according to foreign media reports, ants in the assessment of the performance of the Alibaba inside the poor, and strive to stop the decline in market share momentum before IPO. At the same time, the ants will concentrate on improving their performance and IPO will be delayed until the end of next year.

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reported that a banker said that because of the need to obtain regulatory approval, the ant payment service is to concentrate on cement business, so the time IPO ant gold suit until the end of 2018 or early 2019. What’s more, the ants may be transformed into Offshore Holding Company, but it needs government approval.

since 2016, the ant payment service market and time belong to the news has been circulating in the industry and fermentation, and gradually spread multiple versions listed, which shows a high degree of industry expect payment service market of the ants.

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