How to develop mobile nternet in the next few years The state has made a few suggestionsAlso said s

with the development of mobile Internet, the relationship between the real economy and the Internet China more closely; therefore, the country is standing on the perspective of decision makers, the mobile Internet as the "innovation and development of new areas and new public service platform, information sharing channel".


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Development and innovation of In terms of technology, the


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frontier technology

is in fact decentralization in many fields in recent years the State Council has pushed the specific policy; on the mobile Internet, "opinions" emphasizes the relevant cancellation and further decentralization of administrative approval, accelerate the implementation by the proband according to the first photo card. In other words, the future in the mobile Internet related venture projects, entrepreneurs can apply for business licenses to the business sector first, and then to the administrative licensing examination and approval departments for approval procedures.

telecom infrastructure

focuses on mobile chips, mobile operating systems, smart sensors, location services, and more

decentralization, according to the first after the card

Development and upgrading of

"opinions" also said that in the market access, telecommunications business classification, classification management, business records, evaluation and other aspects of the system to establish a sound; at the same time will guide the diversification of investment and financing in the market development.


in addition to the popularity of 4G, the "opinions" also pointed out that the construction of wireless LAN will speed up the civil aircraft, high-speed railway, city traffic and other public places, and will promote the commercial services of wireless LAN coverage and free. In addition, 5G technology research and development, a reasonable decline in network tariffs, the opening of private capital into the basic telecommunications field, allowing users to carry numbers, networks and other content has also been included in the scope of attention.

on January 15th evening, the Xinhua News Agency issued the full text of the opinions issued by the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council on promoting the healthy and orderly development of mobile Internet hereinafter referred to as "opinion". Opinions related to the market access system, 4G network coverage and 5G development, cutting-edge technology research and development and many other aspects, you can from the policy point of view, the next few years, the mobile Internet will be how to develop?.

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telecom infrastructure, as the foundation of mobile Internet coverage, has also been focused on the "opinions". The main emphasis is on the coverage. The future will be to promote the depth of coverage of 4G network in the city area, the rural areas and gradually cover, in poor areas of preferential coverage; according to the Ministry in December 2015 issued the "Internet plus" action plan, is expected to 2018 4G network full coverage of the city and the country, more than 80% villages to achieve ftth.

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