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500-1000, IT managers need to learn how to deal with employees who only cover up after problems arise. One of the most interesting human phenomena I’ve ever encountered in the IT world is a group of employees I call "band aid.".

– hard work

– solution to all kinds of problems which often involved

– love backseat driver

– still can work well under pressure

But this kind of

, employees also have some negative:

– work beyond the scope of their capability

– no clear responsibilities

– did not dare to say "no"

and then turn to, the same problem appeared again. It’s all the same, and people still call Jim, and he’s going to solve the problem manually. After the problem was solved, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

you to guess the next day, what will happen? History is repeating itself. The same person will call Jim and he will solve the same problem in the same manual way. Everyone was frustrated and frustrated.

brands use these tactics, and in July,

learned that Meritech Capital Partners also participated in the Lynda round of financing.

Lynda CEO Eric · Robison Eric Robison said, this is also the first company from external financing, and will take the expansion to the overseas market, develop new content areas, improve network teaching platform and video quality.

Lynda was founded in 1995 to provide online training and instructional video content. Unlike competitors such as Khan and Academy, Lynda charges subscriptions for content, starting at $25 a month.

Lynda page

education training has recently become a hot investment field, and Chegg and other materials, rental services and online training networks such as Edmodo have recently been financed.

technology news Beijing time January 16th noon news, online learning service provider Lynda announced on Wednesday that the company has completed a new round of financing, funds raised $103 million, Accel Partners and Spectrum Equity and other investment companies involved in this round of financing.

Screenshot of

Lynda said in a statement, the company’s customers include primary and secondary schools, institutions of higher learning and the United States government agencies, while in the fortune 100 enterprises, more than half of its customers.




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