How does a local portal owner change from a cup to a cutlerySite 100P earns 300 yuan per day

I write this article is not for soft Wen, just want to tell you really, small flow can earn money method. This article is my original. Stationmaster net starts.

failed, temporarily gave up, but I still think about this matter, ah, from time to time to check the rest of the province’s life information website, ah, people do very well ah. Finally, in 2012, had to do such a site of the idea, but now I, stable work, and the website went out of the relationship, no way to buy a program to do it, bought the portal program, apply for the domain name server, looking for a stable, thought all the way to engage in a variety of local records, the line on the website, everything went smoothly. After more than a month of efforts, the site has been included in more than 400, search their website, the first page of the first, I really feel very happy. Following the previous lessons, conscientiously do offline promotion, I hope the website of Dingxi life it can make local people recognized, remember, become a brand. And several ground media made several activities, distributed a large number of leaflets, printed a large number of business cards, a community, a district of publicity. Watching no more every day, many people began to launch information on their website, there is no joy in the heart. They said no forum website is not popular, then decided to add the forum, nobody thought that this login, put it, do not spend energy for this, do not open their own often, but I have an open.

pair. Why CPS, because CPS made a single, you can have more than 3% of the commission. A commission, usually 20, 30 or so.

for me, after graduating from college came to the hometown, is for the network to understand more, occasionally also for others to do some simple website, never go to consider to do such promotion, just a cosmetic website on the line. From the beginning of the 09 years, gradually feel hometown people access to the Internet more people up, because many people can afford a computer, is also willing to pull up the broadband at home, the government, enterprises and institutions have begun to set up their own website. I think I should do something on the Internet, so I decided to set up a local life information website.

website is really hard ah, every day staring at the webmaster tools to check their website have included, the number of included, can search to your site in sh419 or other search engines, these feelings really bother, laborious, do not know how other people, I was really tired. What, in this whine.

if you want to make money on your website, you must have a good guide for your Internet users. I also applied for a number of ad associations like everyone else. Most of the ads I apply for are CPS..

of course, if you look carefully at the website, there are some better ideas for making money, depending on what you think and see. It’s easy to make money at the moment. Really?. In this paper, by the ZuiShiHui station feeds.


my most affordable website is this. My website mainly offers various discounts, discounts and promotions. Most of the CPS ads I applied to the advertising Union were like this. So I can do the content for each ad. In this way, the content of the website is original and AD.. If users buy it, I can split it up.. Isn’t that true?.

very difficult to find some source code, and then repair, modify, change, and finally on-line. Submitted to the search engine web site, regularly publish some articles, send some life information, hope sh419 can included. Included, but this is not my idea, I guess everyone can guess, that is, let the local shops and companies can come to the website advertising, earn their own advertising costs ah. So, decided to go running offline, really is the environment can not ah, the answer is how many people online ah, even if the Internet, who can go to your site, ah, the ground newspaper more. Disappointed for half a year, and finally gave up. Similarly, some of my local people, like me, have the desire to do websites and give up.

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