Start up companies spawned new business rules not doing things according to the rulesLive 1 to 1 mod

1, K12 online education entrepreneurship, why live 1 to 1 model is recognized by the market?

on the face of it, business rules are similar to the rules of the game: rules are made before the game begins, and all participants must follow the rules. That is to say, the rules are in front, the game is behind; the business rules are in place, and the business is behind. But in reality, the relationship between business rules and business operations is complementary. The premise that business can function properly is to make business rules in advance, but as business operations evolve, the initial business rules become obsolete and become tools for containment of new ideas. In order to implement these new ideas, sometimes we need to do things differently and even form new rules.

the FCC is making a threat to all existing mobile operators’ status. FCC is likely to agree with the request of a small cell phone operator to allow mobile phone services in the six largest cities, including New York. If the request is passed, it will inject new competition into the mobile communications field. So far, FCC has allowed only one city with no more than two mobile operators. The request clearly ignored the rule. It also caused a boycott of the industry as a whole. At the end of last year, mobile operators, whose interests were compromised, even managed to gain parliamentary support and let FCC delay the decision.

"Internet plus education" is not new, more than 10 years ago, 101 school remote education in primary and secondary schools, and the recently popular "double classroom" in essence, without too much difference. Later, "Mu Mu education" was once popular with Khan college, but the rate was low.

stepped on numerous pits, the capital identified the "live 1 to 1" model, which refers to 91 foreign teachers, 51Talk and other live foreign teachers, 1 to 1 online teaching forms, the operation of K12 field of English training or its

‘s emergence of new business rules comes from start-up companies. Although the company does not have enough resources, power and influence to change the industry rules; but they can use the practical action to prove their idea is a violation of the regulations of value. Fortunately, industry bigwigs, the makers of industry rules, will eventually compromise, break the old rules and recognize these new ideas.

predictably, all vested interests in the field of mobile communications would not let this and their Nextel, no matter what the idea was, try to eliminate him. There was an article in the New York Times in 1991:

on the contrary, some training institutions under the line in this period has done fast: "New Oriental" and "I" future of the two listed companies is education entrepreneurs benchmark, but the line of Education 1 to 1 such as science, and other elite constituted the multitude of strong trend, entrepreneurship education industry the opportunity is still on the line; technical dividends plus intelligent mobile phone and mobile Internet, let capital parents "not bad money" K12.

A powerful force in


Q2 QuestMobile2017 data display, 2017 June K12 industry users to 108 million active users, representing a growth rate of 10.4%, after the rise of middle-class families in terms of education, the next generation of investment has become the biggest spending one house outside the family, if every student in the school year training cost is 10 thousand yuan, is a a trillion market volume.

current basic education is still based on examination oriented, interest supplemented, mainly based on school teaching, secondary school training as secondary; offline classroom based, supplemented by online classroom. In the K12 education and training market, there are various patterns and flowers. For example, the same is to do K12 English training, may test cram school and children interested in learning, offline schools and online foreign teachers platform is no competition in different areas.

The vested interests of the

in 2014, the hottest thing is "photo taking", which is represented by various APP, such as homework 100, ape question library, learning tyrants and so on. A Xing was writing criticism, answer camera products separated the essence of education, accepted the learning ability and learning will weaker students, the end user conversion rate is low, and now many products and put on the "new vest of artificial intelligence". In 2015, the capital sought after "tutor O2O" platform, but because of this model, good teachers generally do not lack single, about division software can not solve the problem of jumping single, has become a bottleneck in the development.

mobile industry are opposed to Nextel for the following reasons: 1 Fleet Call that is, Nextel services

Nextel was a famous not according to the regulations of the business. In the late 80s and early 90s, the Federal Communications Commission Federal Communications Commission in the field of mobile communications, the rule is that a city can not have more than two mobile operators. As Nextel co – founder said, "FCC believes duopoly is the best market structure."." Nextel then called Fleet Call did not comply with established rules of FCC, the mobile communication field abruptly broke into, through the acquisition of wireless broadcast services in the country, the formation of the mobile communication business of a nationwide.


whether school education or internet education, is the essence of "education", they are to enhance the learning effect, help students grow better. She recently noticed an interesting phenomenon, capital seems to be more popular "live 1 to 1" mode, before we tend to think of "real foreign teachers 1 to 1" as a "platform", and now they want to be more school.

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