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to sell things on the Internet, I am afraid that no one is better than the Amazon micro-blog. However, in order to really go beyond the entity store and give users additional experience, Amason has been trying to promote the day delivery service. However, the company CFO Tom · Tucker Tom Szkutak succu said in the second quarter conference call last week, "from an economic point of view, a reasonable method for large-scale deployment of the date of delivery has not been found."

users can associate credit cards with Instacart applications, browse through a list of items, and then add fancy items to a shopping cart. At the time of settlement, you may choose the two distribution time limits mentioned above. Instacart will debit the credit card directly, and users will not have to pay for it when they receive it

Instacart was founded in early June this year, its founder Mehta apoil · Apoorva Mehta served as the supply chain engineer in the amazon. He has been involved in the construction of the Amazon complex background logistics system, so I hope to use this experience to create an efficient front and back grocery distribution experience for Instacart.


Instacart: an hour’s online grocery store,

service is currently in San Francisco, mountain view and PaloAlto launch, Business Hours morning from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.. The price is also very competitive, 1 hours to pay more than $9.99, and 3 hours to pay more than 3.99 U. S. dollars. It’s clear that distribution fees are a major source of revenue for Instacart, but it’s not difficult to imagine that they can also compensate for revenues by working with stores and integrating items.


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what does this mean for users? At present, Instacart can only provide a simple mobile experience, and only for iPhone. In addition, as it is still in its early stages of development, it can only be downloaded by invitation.


League address: aliunion.cn.yahoo/publishersvc/login.htm

alliance latest news by poison is responsible, please contact representatives of the League immediately contact, released daily union dynamics!

because Amazon is building a new order fulfillment center, so even if Amazon is embarrassed, it’s probably not easy. However, there is still a start-up company, dare not challenge, not only to achieve the same day delivery, and even to achieve 1 hours of service.

, although Instacart eventually hopes its 1 hour service will cover all products, is still looking at groceries at the moment. This means that users can quickly buy agricultural products, alcoholic beverages, cooked food, snacks and toiletries. Their inventory comes from the local grocery store. Mehta also recruited a number of well-trained couriers, so that they directly from the store to pick up, and sent to the user’s office or home. These couriers are paid on time.

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