Qi Wei’s fresh fruit rights of the headset Kang Causeway depth binding star P to create a eat and

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

is responsible for the supply chain, as well as the laying and sales of the online and offline channels in greater china. The company has reached a strategic cooperation relationship with the era of lithography. The latter accumulated considerable traffic through WeChat’s wallet entrance, which officials say has sixty million active fans. Lithographic era to promote headset on its public letter headlines, mall banner positions, at the same time with the theme of "popular movie made right Zhilong take you to the movies, such as" Pirates of the Caribbean, has not been released by Transformers.

‘s first mature brand is FreshMix fruit, which is owned by Qi Wei, the star of CEO. Gao Xiaofei told 36 krypton, operating more than two years, FreshMix fruit excellent success, so that the team saw the opportunity to bundle the depth of the star. In 2017, the company will be on the line three brands, of which the GD rights of the headset has been on sale in May 25th.

      horizontal position analysis: my AD is inserted in the content of the article; in this case I put GGAD on the right side

entrepreneurship era, star entrepreneurship has become a hot phenomenon. Relying on Star halo and fan effect, star entrepreneurship has unique resource advantages. But entrepreneurship is not just traffic and attention issues, brand building and the overall operation of the link, the star of professionalism, but also to mark a question mark. In this regard, Kang shares founder Gao Xiaofei think, let professional people to do professional things.

      1 Click rate. emphasis

combines headphones music attributes, the team will choose channels related to music cooperation, online such as music, Jingdong 618 activities will be this headset as the main recommended. The line with the high-end KTV, Kingmv, haoledi, all the stores will carry out propaganda and sales; in addition, the shop will flash in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen downtown mall fast, creating the topic to do two fermentation propaganda.

      first talk about improving methods:  

      first of all declare: I am not interested in GGAD cheating. Just through some skills to control the GGAD unit price and click through rate. In addition, in view of the previous day announced a few tens of income knife station, and later caused dozens of similar sites, so far new similar phenomenon. I can’t publish the website as a case. It is a pity that we can not communicate with all of you.

recently had a dead station… . flow around 300IP, because of the recent preparatory student stationmaster net bbs.xszzw development, so there is no time to take care of, playing the GGAD optimization idea, now some of my experiences to share with the optimization of GGAD. There are many people who study GGAD online, and there are such organizations, but most of them are analyzed from the point of view of the website owner, which is doomed to their failure.

, Quan Zhilong and PMO headphones,

Quan Zhilong, the most obvious two labels are music and fashion, headphones are the most suitable for their personal image of the category. Young people wear headphones, not only to meet the needs of audio-visual, but also the embodiment of aesthetics. Quan Zhilong personally involved in headphone product development, including the appearance of the design, the deployment of sound quality, etc.. The series of headphones, a total of 12 SKU, ranging from 988 yuan to 4000 yuan.


        first of all I want to say the probability of a little GGAD Optimization: maybe it was a misunderstanding, GGAD not only increase the unit price and click rate of GGAD, to study how to improve it, but also to study how to put it down, was supposed to be a novice webmaster teach me before a few days, when I said to raise and lower the GGAD price and click rate, he only cares about improving, this attitude is not a webmaster should have, in order not to harm him, I couldn’t teach.

in addition, the two brands that are still in beta are Apie cake and All That Sweets coffee milk tea. The former is a well-known category in New Zealand, there are two characteristics: first, low calorie, the same volume of fat content is 1/9 of ordinary cake; two is the entrance of the instant, no satiety. The latter comes from Korea

      analysis of visitor’s computer level, the site visitor’s computer level is judged according to the content of the website, according to my experience, if visitors are computer low level, so the station is generally high click. But in 0%-8%, such as high level of computer owners, generally not others GGAD, if the point is delayed, so for the high level of computer users, is to increase the late method to improve CTR. Another user, who not long age users, they know GGAD the union people almost no, in their minds, the probability of no advertising, their understanding of advertising is entirely in accordance with the traditional way of thinking like TV kind, so they can only see ads on the site of the month package. And these GGAD as long as the set of good, they simply can not be aware of advertising, for such users, to improve the click rate, it is necessary to deceptive, inductive clicks based.  

was established in 2014 as a brand management company, and through the depth bundled star IP to build a brand of "eating and drinking". Depth binding is to point out a part of the shares to the stars, so that the stars become brand bosses. Compared with endorsement, in this model, the opportunity cost of star mistakes higher, strong endorsement is also more likely to drive fan economy.

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