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really wanted to stop, study and start again." Zhang Yue said in WeChat.

time is very clever, two acquaintances for more than ten years of friends, all in the summer of 2015 stopped, fall into the next step of life thinking. In the end, they decided to "seize the tail of youth" and aim at the hot summer sports industry.

financing: Angel round financing 10 million, investors for plum Angel Fund founding partner Wu Shichun. A round of financing 50 million will soon be completed.

cooked a product, and then to this product as the core, and constantly add related products, which is most of the current

is located in the office of sports match Ditan Park has 240 square meters, CEO Zhu Shuiwang station in the office on the corner of the. In order to hold the position, he made a bitter decision. In June last year, Zhu here dismissed the valuation of two hundred million of the travel charter project – chopsticks travel. At that time he may not think, a few months later, he was in the same place, set up a staff neat team, continue to be in full swing state.

opening whistle: after reflection, join the sports business

today, as chief executive of the sports match and chief content officer, Zhu Shuiwang and Zhang Yue seemed to put the star entrepreneurs and editor of the "people" aura, with many reflection, two 35 year old students to start all over again.

chopsticks travel founder Zhu Shuiwang their valuation of 200 million yuan of the company, and the "people" magazine editor Zhang Yue, micro signal operations master Liu Yongguo gathered in sports field of entrepreneurship, the establishment of sports match. They cut from the badminton market, is building a sports new media matrix and a market cutting-edge brands. Their round of angel financing was $10 million, and 50 million of the A round of financing was nearing completion.

is funnel marketing. The so-called funnel type of marketing, in particular to do so, a guest post an offer on the Internet, this information has enough eye effect, such as the 1000 person to see this information, 100 people click on the link information to the site, and then 50 people have carefully read the information and content. The use of mobile phone, , etc. I number and sales staff, 20 people finally completed the purchase behavior, this process is like a funnel filter layer, precipitation of the sales process of the minority, is the marketing funnel.

inside the new team, one more Zhu Shuiwang old acquaintance, he in the Department of philosophy at Lanzhou University classmate, "people" magazine publisher and former editor Zhang Yue. In July 2015, the "people" magazine’s "35th anniversary masters" special issue, on a full stop for Zhang Yue print career, he chose the bare speech.

project overview: the company was founded in October 2015. The company’s operations through WeChat sports public number to gather the user, through the interactive sports marketing and new media to create its own brand of sports equipment and other forms of mining user value, has launched its own brand of badminton.

"when I broke up with the team, I had two months to sleep at night."." >

Turn off the

we saw above a set of data, in the process of marketing funnel in the premise of the discount, which attract the user’s click rate is 1/10, until the successful completion of purchase transactions, only 20 people, the final conversion rate is 2%. Most Taobao first set foot in the guest, do these 2% customers, but also some guest want to gain more customers and launched more products, ignore a problem, we say 2% is a relatively mature product average value, but also a promotion means, such as preferential release information, and make a certain number of the target users see, so, for the first time do escape guest webmaster, or a commodity more appropriate.

time!The most common way of marketing in

team: Zhu Shuiwang, founder and CEO of sports match, many entrepreneurs, before chopsticks travel CEO. Zhang Yue, founder and chief content officer, "people" magazine publisher and editor. Liu Yongguo, founder and chief operating officer of sports match point, the number of public sports match and own brand "Tang shield" of the original owner.

the development of any industry is on the basis of previous experience on the basis of the guest site has experienced several years of development, is now involved in this area of the webmaster, obviously feel Taobao money off the odds, why is there such a phenomenon? Many industries in the initial stage, all in one a starting line, after several years of experience, insist on down, most of the market is a veteran in battle, grasp the accuracy, profit predict degree, professional degree is not at first but it can not be mentioned in the same breath, said Taobao into the guest website no future, now do guest, still have a chance, just the success of the

so, how to further expand the business guest? A mature guest website, absolutely not a commodity, but also not to blindly expand the product, we still in the earlier example, preferential release of information of a product, to gain access to the amount of 100 people, 50 user consultation, the final is 20 individuals to reach a deal. Well, at this point, we’ll have to analyze. What’s the reason for the other 30 people to give up the purchase? Price, quality, or otherwise?. Now the commodity has diversified development, the same kind of products, according to different consumers, can be divided into high and low grade, if you think the price is a problem, then we can add some related products on the site, if consumers want to buy products and related products, so you can add related goods.

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