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Most of the goods sold on

, however, not all companies must adopt a "time bound" model to commercialize their mobile business. Yon Groupe, vice president of mobile business at Gilt · Feldman Feldman, said the company had added a special "know-how" to its mobile applications, leaving the apps separate from the company’s Web site

Gilt Groupe are sold only through "flash sale", that is, consumers have very little time to buy a commodity at a discount price. In many cases, the Gilt Groupe products will be sold in a few minutes, so for consumers, this is a competition; and naturally, in this business model, consumers can through intelligent mobile phone at any time and any place to buy goods, the mobile purchase way becomes a advantage.

in January 28, 2009, several young people, braving the cold wind, held leaflets in their hands and distributed them to each passing pedestrian. The fliers were colored and covered with attractive, elaborate snacks. Biscuits, plum, candied fruit, it is able to attract the eyeball of white-collar workers.

Abstract: entrepreneurship requires capital, experience capital and money capital. Either you have enough experience, or you have enough money. But the reality is that many people especially those who have just graduated don’t know much about the industry and the funds are not enough. They have neither experience nor money, so they are full of vigor and dreams.

"I’m going to start a business and do online education. Remember to cheer me up,

With the rapid development of

has not yet been successful companies in the mobile business areas such as Facebook to get some tips from Gilt Groupe, this start-up company located in New York famous for selling designer clothes. The CEO of Gilt Groupe expects the company to receive 40% of its revenue from its iPhone and iPad applications during the Independence Day holiday in July 4th.

Beijing on June 30th news, "New York Times" website recently published by Blaine · Chen Brian X. Chen blog article said that for Facebook has not yet been successful companies in the mobile business field, start-up companies Gilt Groupe experience can provide some reference. This start-up company located in New York famous for selling designer clothes, the successful experience of mobile business is mainly in the mobile platform and the website itself separated, and in accordance with the order of priority to the development of mobile business.

company, only one year later, the scale of sales revenue exceeded 7 million yuan, registering >

this number sounds very impressive, but it has not always been able to reach this level. Gilt Groupe CEO Kevin · Ruian Kevin P. Ryan said that the company has 25% of the overall revenue from the mobile business, and called for this figure has a larger increase in the holiday season will be optimistic, the reason is that people have more freedom in vacation time to carefully conducted online shopping activity.

entrepreneurs are becoming younger and more impetuous. The Internet has magnified the success of the aura, millions of profit tease our nerves, but few people concerned about the failure of these groups, what is the state, where, now have what kind of life.

"what else can I do? Get a job and pay for it."."

"entrepreneurship" this word, almost two years suddenly suddenly fired hot, and even the door of the bus station advertising, from the "kidney treasure" replaced "people entrepreneurship."". And bad things are bad, in the "people" of these two words, it makes people underestimate the difficulty of entrepreneurship, think of opening a company, hire a few employees, playing advertising, you can sit back and count money.

below is the full text of this article:

so, why Gilt Groupe in the mobile business areas can achieve such success? For shopping in the intelligent mobile phone screen small, people do not feel excited; however, the company’s business model to attract customers, even if they are Xingse rush.

a few months ago, my WeChat received the news. I am not very familiar with the person who sent the news, and I did not say a few words to him. I think he should have sent a group of people, so as to seek inspiration and encouragement. It left me a snack for him.

170 thousand, not too much exaggeration, but also enough to drink a pot. I asked him what he was going to do next, but he couldn’t help it:

1. survivors of survivorship bias

China has nearly 10000 new companies registered with the trade and Industry Bureau every day, and 80% of them will be closed three years later.

as long as white-collar workers are willing to, after placing an order online, within 2 hours can be delivered to the door. this kind of takeaway mode is rare in the 2009, very novel

opened its first day and sent 500 leaflets for half a day, drawing 50 orders. 10% of the high conversion rate, so that these young people cheered. A good start.

as if they never showed up.

the sun rises from the west, the market economy of the wheel of countless people come on an impulse, and frustrated.

brush WeChat yesterday, suddenly think of this matter, points into his circle of friends a look, only to know that he has failed in business, burn borrowed money, owed 170 thousand of the external debt.

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