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How to choose the Wangzhuan

poor tour in ten years, the pursuit of fast track is different with other Internet Co, poor travel network insists to do a slow company. But in recent years, due to the explosive spread, poor travel network seems to have become a fast company.

many Wangzhuan beginning in droves, bustling, a few days it desolate or increasingly high No one shows any interest in, or not, gradually began to pay, or even close down. A lot of people do Wangzhuan so blind, in the end did not earn much money but also a waste of precious time. There are so many examples that many people are prone to make mistakes. Therefore, we choose Wangzhuan, long-term vision to put some. Look for projects that are likely to be stable for a long time, then plan how to double your income, and then repeat what you plan to do. For example, the DonkeyMails project alone, 1 months to earn less than $1, but the station has been from the project easily earn nearly 5000 yuan, and passive income, long-term stability is the reason of this project, excellent reputation and credibility, suitable for long-term promotion.

in the Internet era, fans are the primary productive force. High interactive, strong loyalty, persistent fans of consumption, the energy generated by the crowd is amazing, and therefore is the birth of a new economic term "fan economy"".

many beginner mistakes: too much, this will make the end, also want to make, what did not earn money, but also tired. So you should learn to choose, to choose their own projects from a large number of reliable Wangzhuan project grasp or interested. There are only homes, in their own Wangzhuan project efforts, doing fine to become bigger and stronger, it is possible to easily wangzhuan.

the station a few days ago published an article "on the judgment whether the liar Wangzhuan method" article in A5, which introduced many methods of judging Wangzhuan project. Learn to identify whether the liar Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project selection is the first step, which is to engage in Wangzhuan must have the most basic ability, also began to face the problem, only the real project to get the money, otherwise everything is empty.

, founded in 2008, is the originator of the short rental industry in Airbnb. In just a few years, its users have spread across more than 34000 cities in 192 countries, valued at $10 billion. In May 29th, poor travel network and the U.S. short rental website Airbnb announced a strategic partnership.

collaboration is due to values,

There are many methods of how to choose the

COO Cai Jinghui

What is the

Cai Jinghui also believes that the mobile Internet era, so that word-of-mouth spread faster. It’s like a snowball effect. It’s getting bigger and bigger on the first floor.

Wangzhuan project, things are in constant development, do Wangzhuan is to keep learning, keep pace with the times, in order to have a more suitable for their own Wangzhuan project. I wish everyone can find their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, easy. the first A5 www.74498 network easily Wangzhuan reprint please, thank you!

it is understood that did not involve the poor travel network and Airbnb cooperation in the capital level. However, Cai Jinghui to CNR network technology said that the future does not rule out the possibility.

poor travel network

1, learn to identify the Wangzhuan liar project

? This is a compulsory course in any industry are engaged in wangzhuan. "The choice is more important than hard work." this is a lot of people are aware of the truth, do Wangzhuan must learn to choose their own Wangzhuan, learn to do what what is more important. At present, domestic and foreign Wangzhuan project more and more, the network prospect will be better to make money, but in the face of so many Wangzhuan, many people began to confusion, I do not know how to start. Therefore, the choice of Wangzhuan then talk about this topic.

poor travel network company or fast slow company? Cai Jinghui gave an accurate answer, seven or eight years ago, the poor travel network is slow, the patience to precipitate the user, nor.

hand short rental website Airbnb, poor travel network is based on what kind of consideration? Cai Jinghui said the CNR network technology, which is the two cultural values with the product of the company. Travel is a very interesting thing, it is a continuation of life, poor travel network and Airbnb is consistent on this concept. By working with Airbnb, it can be all over the world’s private residence show in poor travel platform.

3, Wangzhuan the long-term vision to put some


China Internet Conference held in Beijing in 2014, the theme of this conference is to create unlimited opportunities to build a new era of economic engines". During the meeting, poor travel network COO Cai Jinghui accepted an exclusive interview with the central broadcasting network technology, he believes that cooperation with ALI indeed largely help the poor travel network can go faster.

community needs time to settle

online travel industry, poor travel network is also a deep understanding of fans economics, Cai Jinghui said the CNR network technology, a certain sense would need time to process a speaking community, community atmosphere in the form of a transmission is not a day for two days, to a period of precipitation, precipitation after the formation of a high barrier. The core of the fan economy is word of mouth, first of all to find the core crowd, and then serve the core crowd, and finally let them spread. Word of mouth gives them good reason to spread, so that they are willing to share and pass on the benefits to others.

is a fast travel company

2, learn to choose, to choose their own Wangzhuan

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