love mule learn to do business with the eyes of the stationThe whole game of Ali’s mom you don’t

pinson: Oh, or you add more advertising, in Ali mother, or in the near future, big buyers have begun in Ali mother big procurement, also hope that your position can sell as soon as possible, ha

opening: today, Ali mother’s customer service staff found me, I want to buy the top advertising site. From our chat record below, I believe we can help you understand what kind of trading platform Ali mom is. In the end Ali mother and Ali group relationship is like?. Don’t talk nonsense, chat on record.

Linghu solitary: what?

pinson: promotion Ali mom

: the location is solitary Linghu station advertising, 2000

pinson: we can only use Ali mother platform trading

pinson: want to advertise on your website,

as everyone knows, to do a webmaster, to do very much, registering a domain name, server maintenance, website design, webpage design, LOGO design, data collection, copy writing, SEO, website promotion and so on must have to be, but a person’s energy is limited, a person wants to do all these too hard, in fact, as some production sites, send the chain itself can spend some money to find someone else to do, they can grasp the overall situation, who can earn a lot of money the owners do not have everything personally, we have not seen what companies and factories have a boss to do manual work the. Of course, as a webmaster, must all the processes and factors on the website have to understand, novice webmaster at the beginning can begin from the website to make money is to be done by one person, then, for the whole process and related factors have to understand, do the station can selectively do their own good things no need to do their own, some of you can find someone else to do, and when you don’t have to do this laborious thing, you can have more time to do other more useful things.

three, more friends, more exchanges,

everyone knows whether business is successful or not. Communication is a big factor. So do standing. It can be said that the size of a friend’s circle determines the size of your website and how much money you earn. Most of the current situation of small owners themselves are doing at home station bulkhead, rarely communicate with others. You can look at the webmaster now doing great people, look at their social circle, some people will say that most of them are famous, only then know so many people, in fact, otherwise these people

: the top of our lone Linghu price is 8000, because just opened the station, so it did not sell. You should know more about the operation of the site than I do. Especially the question of advertising price. Forum that picture advertising is 800 months, has been bought out of the

? ? now

website is a lot of knowledge, want to do website is very easy, in fact, do stand like business, a lot of things are interlinked, with business vision and ideas to do stand, maybe success is not so difficult.

: How did statistics Linghu gu. Every day is going up. August 1st opened. It is estimated that the main station IP5000 above, the forum is almost the same as the whole more than 10 thousand points, pure quantity, there is no cheating, if cheating can brush to 200 thousand, then there is no need. sh419 some time ago punishment, just included today to 70 thousand pages, the original search accounted for only 2%, estimated that this week can reach about 30%. Think for yourself how far the amount will rise,

click on registered Ali mom to sell your website ad > > alimama

pinson: you need to put the ads on Ali’s mom, and then we’ll buy the ads at the top 468X60. Can you sell them?

: you are what type of solitary Linghu ad?

: how lonely Linghu cooperation?

pinson: of course, we are also looking forward to working with the webmaster. After all, we’ve just started, ha

one, do not experience everything personally


pinson: would you like to talk to Ali about your mother’s advertising cooperation? Ali, mom, about advertising,

pinson: I see. How much is the total station IP now?

many webmaster are very rigid, I personally for a long time is the same, only know to do stand, and then SEO, put advertising, make money. This down, too tired, but money is not much, in fact, we do stand to make money, so if we can achieve this purpose, there are other ways of doing things in front, we can try another way, now many people don’t have a website, but can use sh419 know, microwave and make pots full bowl full. Even if the site is not necessarily the only SEO, many Webmaster Station are not willing to throw money, it is not very good, we all know that business people are throwing money to earn a lot of money, do stand is the same as above, the first point that we can spend a little money to find someone outside the site the chain, sometimes, according to the website of the need, we can also put a little money to make sh419 bid, advertising, do stand is not only SEO, as long as the end can make money on the line.

two, do not be too rigid, make money, not only do station and SEO

pinson: Yes, 2000 dollars and two more ads, huh,

: General Linghu our solitary consumption is for IDC and the alliance. There is no advertising in the short run

: see advertising prices, Linghu alone is not to see the site prospects, existing IP or IP. Adsense kind of site for all the target users.

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