The recent love Shanghai pictures show some personal views of the issue

and most of the webmaster in site and search keywords can be seen with effect, which greatly improves the user experience, we can imagine, if you search for a keyword ranking in front of you no picture, and you have been illustrated, then you will have the flow you may exceed the ranking in front of the opponent, moreover, even if the traffic did not go up, if your company is a collection of LOGOU images, then it is for the user is playing an ad, so love Shanghai is a fully open with opportunities for webmasters, agree is a challenge I think most of the webmaster! Will spend some time in the picture, this will be the birth of a large number of artists?!

This !

but in yesterday 26, Shanghai has been fully opened up by love, love most of all with the text search in Shanghai.

December 24th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the latest information: due to the recent love Shanghai search system fully upgraded, more on the quality of web content recognition accuracy, this will enable a large number of excellent content to get faster and more complete collection. It starts from the end of December, the amount of data you see the site index will be increased to a certain degree, with index data in sea tools will also have the corresponding promotion, this promotion is a normal phenomenon, please everyone with new data as the standard.


I don’t comment! Because in fact illustrated not only recently, early a few months ago there appeared a small amount of the site with effect, but it is only for some love Shanghai more trust, the higher the weight of the site, and the picture above is the data of October, and I have a large selection of test next, find a lot of pictures appear effect site and not mentioned above.

there are a lot of people say that it is because of this reason

currently love Shanghai has not given the relevant explanation! That is to say, Shanghai does not define how to love to grab pictures, I also think is by using ALT tags to crawl, but there are also some site grab a picture and no ALT label, so people think spiders are random crawl, which is clawing >!


but now illustrated effect is not very good, may be the love of Shanghai is still in the testing phase! Look below the search of the keywords wood wood Shanghai dragon blog, the search results are:


the first picture shows not only illustrated the effect, also has a separate graphic effect, while the second chapter pictures of wood and I said, this picture is never seen, and I also click into the page does not exist in this picture.