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when we construct the regional channel, and vertical industry segments that formed area + industry keywords mode, such as Jiangsu, Jiangsu talent + + feed feed + + + + Jiangsu recruitment, feed sales; when building industry channels, we also carried out a regional breakdown of the flat, take the regional industry + + keywords mode, in addition, we on the area of the province was conducted again in the city and county subdivision.


website was drop right, the author here recorded a painful experience and successful recovery. The company operating the site has more than ten years, the web structure and website ten years ago the framework will change significantly, the station in 2012 March conducted a major revision, because the industry is doing the recruitment, the focus of the revision of the site is horizontal and vertical industry regional subdivision subdivision, direction laid down, we carried out the construction of the page, in the specific implementation, has made a serious mistake.

system on the line, because the page number included in the amount increased significantly, the website long tail keywords flow also have a larger increase, but in 2012 October, from Shanghai love flow decreased rapidly, snapshot is down right, unfortunately. After 4 months of effort, including complaints of garbage processing, the chain page rejection method, successful recovery. Today focuses on processing the page snapshot recovery and low quality of the page.

, a home page snapshot recovery

part, you may have found that our regional industry and industry + + area serious repeat, in addition to site is not the same, the content is exactly the same, at the same time, due to the region of county, city subdivision, many remote areas and no such jobs and talent, such a large number of pages without content, that is said, because of lack of website content content cannot support frame. Love love Shanghai Shanghai website guide "think what kind of website is more grab and included value", "please don’t create content for search engines", "please don’t create more than one contains a large number of duplicate content >

drop right before the first update snapshot, before the drop right has been a few months, about a month after the revision of the snapshot. After the IIS log analysis, we found that the spider day home page crawling 400-500 times, but the status code of 304 States accounted for 80%, only about 20% of the 200, and 304 showed that the web content is not updated, you can imagine if you love Shanghai think this website each time no new content, and low weight site the snapshot, it is not necessary to update frequently, we suspect that automatically generate static pages web page time interval is too long, the solution: the original web page automatically generate a 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and more new content. Results: after about a week, a snapshot of the normal.

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