The price of electronic commerce search engine was born

search engine is in the service of the online shopping consumer groups website, the cultivation of the market of nearly ten years, more and more Internet users become the main online shopping consumer groups, especially at the end of 70 after the birth of users, online shopping has formed a habit, growing online shopping consumption long also heralds a new the consumption era.

The implementation of

for the product purchase desire, prompting users to fully understand the performance, knowledge of products, but often lack detailed product information in the online transaction, the user is unable to buy the product correctly and quickly using the product, and the product damage caused by misuse or even buy their needs and do not conform to this product, in the traditional shopping websites rarely provide detailed product information and data, and other aspects of the content, which is required by the user.


first stage: product price, product introduction to focus on the development of database and background control interface, user input through the product name and price will be able to achieve the search function, the system will give the user the product price and the arrangement of data consistent, provide fuzzy matching and accurate matching function. If you cannot find the products you need or price can provide user demand for the release of the function. >

online shopping, the biggest worry is the sale, although there are now: the seller reputation evaluation system and the third party payment and other means to ensure the maximum fairness, but the virtual network world, credibility are still unable to meet the needs of users, so the establishment of a reliable business reputation information the query will help users better deal to buy their own goods.

engine is divided into three phases:

Chinese, for most for cheap products and has a strong desire in online shopping, the map is cheaper, but how do I know if I buy something that is cheap? Only in the shopping site query is not enough, the user wants to know the same subject in different regions the price level, it is difficult to do the traditional online shopping website.

the credibility of the seller?Any questions

four: how to get the product details

?The traditional consumption habits of

two, the price of search engineThe

in the domestic large sites such as Taobao, eBay and other sites, while providing a search function, either BC or CC are unable to meet the needs of users, so to establish a perfect product database is particularly important, in view of the current situation, there are no relevant website operators aware of this. This is the price we develop search site opportunities.

The price of

problem: how to get what you want

three: how to

, the online shopping problems

question two: whether to buy things is the cheapest