There is no smoke electricity supplier battlefield to establish a user centric value

whether it is for Jingdong or Suning and Gome, electricity supplier website, the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day can be seen in their business is not optimistic, in the Mid Autumn Festival shopping for a long time in the street, found the reality of the promotional activities are very awesome, especially some mobile phone mall, computer Mall two, this mall promotion is on the sea, saw walking in the central city of not prosperity but the real business volume, the reality is so hot electricity supplier website of


no matter what section, we first thought is to go online to buy things, and now? With the network expansion contradiction, part of the user in reality rather high price to buy high quality goods, from which we can see the growth of online shopping or may be slow, but now that several large electricity supplier the site, although the smoke is no longer, but the situation is not optimistic about the electricity supplier website.

you may in some electricity supplier website already purchased goods, in fact the price and the reality in many commercial web sites also almost, I spotted a moto mobile phone yesterday, in reality, the purchase price is more than 1 thousand and 500, but to send 1419 calls, and online? The price is 1499, but what are no, if you are a user you can choose where to buy? Before the kind of listening to feel cheap online shopping era has passed, I have to say is a network shopping of sorrow, when most think that online shopping has no price advantage who will go to

shopping online?

when the factors of price have soured a not essential when the service has now become the electricity supplier website must improve the means, but the fact is it? The customer service of the slow, low product quality, customer service and disagreement, this a series of factors restricting the development of the electricity supplier website, perhaps now the electricity supplier website customer service is tired, said a few words to feel impatient, a few days ago I asked about my account of things in a Web International, wait 3 minutes to return, after the back and impatient, if not to ask for help, I would have to leave this website. I think now the electricity supplier website should be in their own service some more humble, don’t say but at least to safeguard the fundamental interests of customers, even if can not protect the fundamental interests of who would dare to.

when the network shopping has become a fashion, real businesses are also not far behind, in order to seize the users of this piece of cake, which means the Indoorsman Indoorswoman also emerge in an endless stream, now less, with the development of society or online shopping is a kind of fashion, but the reality is indeed a shopping must be the necessities of life in reality, businesses in order to compete for the user, by means of a series of concessions, which is the electricity supplier website cannot do, if for a long time like this, this field without smoke of the electricity supplier war might be another result.

In fact,

as a user request is simple, as long as can buy high quality and inexpensive items meet, genuine goods at a fair price, if >

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