Liu Daiyuan how to develop regional network marketing

review just ended in Chongqing Internet webmaster conference, guests generally referred to the topic of regional network marketing. See the importance of regional network marketing, many IT enterprise network marketing staff do not understand. It is generally agreed that the network marketing should break through the traditional regional restrictions of the new marketing model. Unless it is a traditional regional service enterprises. Obviously this understanding is not correct, IT enterprises in the early stage of network marketing should do a good job in regional marketing planning layout.

why network marketing, it is necessary to do a good job of regional marketing layout

1 user browsing habits

because of regional consumption and customs and other different environment, the network is becoming more and more accepted by the audience has become a trend. Followed by the distribution of enterprise target customers in the regional network. Such as the national IT portal opened regional station. More is to meet the needs of the company’s regional precision marketing or user browsing needs.

2 user regional search habits

IT product search engine marketing friends can be found with the IT product promotion and product development of the industry, the user search engine search area and products accounted for a large proportion of long tail keywords used, and the turnover rate is very large, the other is ten to twenty times the user search keywords. At the same time, the IT enterprise marketing department will also find that customer visits often ask regional offices or channel related information. To a large extent, it also maps the user’s regional search market. I share under operating case (sanrensei GPS) network marketing data. The number of related search keywords is 16550, then the number of regional long tail keywords up to 16300 times than the non regional search keywords ten percentage points.


how to layout the regional network marketing?

1 Analysis of regional market potential size ratio

according to the characteristics of the product and the price of the program, combined with the characteristics of the regional industry, the user’s consumption environment and industry products in the regional competitive environment and other factors to determine the product for the promotion of regional categories.

2 planning network media channels and methods

according to the results of regional market analysis, and further analysis of regional user network usage. So as to effectively select the media channels and methods of network promotion.

3 layout products long tail keywords

Network marketing area to determine the

, we should do long tail keywords on the regional products, according to the product characteristics and the user search habits to determine the detail to what extent, IT products are generally refined to a prefecture level city.

4 diagnosis of regional marketing process and results

in the implementation of regional network marketing process, the relevant marketing data for reasonable analysis, and then improve and optimize >

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