Business migration is completed QQ online shopping officially renamed Jingdong online shopping

latest news, after the acquisition of Jingdong QQ online shopping has officially changed its name to Jingdong online shopping, the name and logo has also been replaced for Jingdong logo.

earlier, Jingdong has said that after the integration of QQ online shopping platform will no longer use the platform to encourage businesses move to Jingdong, but the Tencent and Jingdong in the fusion process of business platform, QQ online shopping will not be closed. Prior to the industry had news that QQ online shopping will be closed, resulting in some businesses protest".

according to informed sources, after the merger of Tencent electricity supplier Jingdong, QQ online shopping part of the relocation of businesses to pat B shop or C shop, the other part of the relocation to Jingdong POP platform. At present, most of the QQ online shopping businesses have been relocated, only a small number of businesses are still moving.

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