The industry said the electricity supplier next year three minutes of the world the price war will

Securities Times reporter Wang Yan

"2012 China e-commerce book" Internet data released yesterday, the founder Hu Yanping, the Jingdong marketing director Chu Yuan, Gome mall market minister Wang Nan, CEO Cai Hu and the Philharmonic live electricity supplier experts and executives, to discuss the next e-commerce industry development trend and the criticism of the price war.

Hu Yanping believes that next year will be the electricity supplier Jingdong – Tencent – a situation of tripartite confrontation, Taobao platform three. Hu Yanping pointed out that a substantial increase in the number of active users of WeChat will help Tencent to expand the mobile client, both to consolidate the advantages of the line, while helping to promote the O2O business. Although Taobao in 2015 may be bigger in size than the Tencent, the Internet become the first Tencent with revenues, but combining with WeChat mobile entertainment, shopping etc., revenue is still forty or fifty per cent growth space. From the current point of view, the pace of Tencent to enter the electricity supplier seems relatively slow, the reason is not that the strategy, execution, but the market needs such a process.

for the electricity supplier chiefs in "6· 18, 11· 11" price war in the industry caused suspicion and criticism, Cai Hu believes that the price war will not disappear in the electric business alliance is not to engage in a price war is not possible. "Who have the ability to play the price war, who shows strong operational capabilities, such as Jingdong, Tmall has the ability to make price war, their inventory turnover rate can do better, enterprise operation efficiency can be very good, I feel have the ability to play the price war must be operational ability. Operational efficiency is the core of business competition."

Cai Hu said at the same time, the low price of e-commerce is the first attribute, convenient is the second property, the third attribute is the service. Price war is inevitable. Have the ability to call a low price, is a very strong strength of the enterprise, whether it is marketing or operations. All in all, my view is not to avoid price war, price war is a long-standing phenomenon in China, how to make good use of it, grasp it, each electricity supplier must go through this process."

Wang Nan believes that the price war is the ability to pay attention to the low price, the ability to play when the price hit, not the ability to fight when it must be eliminated. Price war can not stop, is the ability to stay, no ability to be slowly eliminated." Wang Nan said.

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