Community electricity supplier is a good medicine warm the micro business and electricity providers

do not know what time from the beginning, our life is surrounded by WeChat, WeChat in the car to eat in the play, playing WeChat, WeChat in the class play, meeting with a WeChat, almost all of the free time are occupied WeChat.

but, have you ever thought that, although we are using WeChat, but the specific use of WeChat why?

this figure from the January 2015 data released by the penguin think tank

from the picture, we can see that the left module, the social occupy the big head, the right module, the life service occupied the big head.

so, the conclusion is obvious, we use WeChat, are basically doing social related things, and then enjoy the service in line with their needs.

so, go back to our electricity supplier environment to see why the community electricity supplier is a good medicine.

community appears inevitable!

the current PC business environment, although the Alibaba or boss position, but with the further development of the Jingdong,, Ali has impact on the business, especially Jingdong, according to iResearch data, the first quarter of 2015, the Alibaba’s share reached 58.6%, about two times over the same period last year, and the Jingdong store the market share of 19.2% from the same period last year rose to 22.8%.

in addition to the increasingly fierce competition environment platform, businesses within the platform itself in the fierce competition, especially some small sellers, itself has a number of high-quality products, but can not sell a good price in the PC business platform, make good service.

so, this part of the seller, in the next time, as long as there is a better platform for sale, will choose to sell these platforms. is the best example. Therefore, the emergence of the final micro business, it is not surprising. On the one hand, the threshold is low, easy to use, for a professional point of view is called low cost, on the other hand, there is no temporary WeChat bundle, that is, how to do on how to do free.

but what I said today is not the business of micro business, micro scraper type, this micro business, whether in a Taobao or a line, do not do business, there will eventually be successful.

can succeed, only after Taobao turned to seek better difficulties and hardships, publicity channels, promotion media business people. So, as has been engaged in Taobao business report, want to do publicity, WeChat promotion, the final transaction, not only is the sun so simple.

if you have been concerned about the electricity supplier WeChat, perhaps some of the logical thinking. In my eyes, the logical thinking is to create a community precedent, but also to take the lead to do social electricity supplier. Since then, the gradual rise of the community electricity supplier, so far, many have played very slip.

so, in the end what is the community electricity supplier, how to understand?

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