Suning com electrical appliance and Jingdong Tmall wrestling open platform

for the impact of 30 billion yuan this year sales target, announced yesterday that the open platform, the first large-scale introduction of non household appliances suppliers. From the vertical website to Tesco in the integrated platform, changing the operating mode at the same time, also competes with Jingdong, Tmall open platform in the field.

In order to attract

supplier, executive vice president Li Bin said, "Tesco open platform free annual free platform fee, free margin" of the "three free" policy; at the same time the implementation of "regional exclusive system", which is in the same area of the same category only choose a supplier.

this year, the platform competition is becoming increasingly fierce, we are scrambling to make up their own short board, mode towards convergence. Tmall started building their own logistics system, Jingdong, and mall to accelerate the pace of open platform, is now added to the open platform of the arena. The price and customer experience is becoming the focus of competition.

iResearch Consulting Group Co president and chief operating officer of Ruan Jingwen to the "First Financial Daily" said that the platform is the direction, but not every company has the platform qualification, it needs capital, brand and resource integration.

platform and distribution mode, the size of the transaction under the same platform, lower income, higher gross margin, because it is the profit pattern extraction service fee according to a certain proportion of turnover and advertising fees; and the distribution pattern of higher income, lower gross margin, because it is the profit model their own purchase, sales, to eat the difference.

Li Bin said, "take the invoice from the open platform Tesco Tesco opened" mode. Ruan Jingwen believes that it is good for camp accept scale, convenient marketing; if Tesco to be independent of capital operation, is also an important reference dimension revenue valuation.

, however, there are risks to do open platform. Ruan Jingwen said, it is a commodity management, if not the core system of product, process, supplier management becomes a challenge, if the product quality, supply problems, will hurt the customer experience.

another key point is whether the platform users can digest so many commodities. Ruan Jingwen said that the supplier is the value of the platform can bring sustainable benefits, input-output whether there is a reasonable return. Platform not only their own money, but also to make money suppliers."

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