Shop No 1 into fresh areas of logistics distribution or weakness


electricity supplier industry tentacles are reaching fresh fields. After Tmall mall, with selection, I bought the food network, shop No. 1 in the recent sale of fresh products.

yesterday (April 7th), shop No. 1 online supermarket chairman Yu Gang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, "to do a real online supermarket, if not fresh, is certainly not perfect. Consumers have been accustomed to order 1, but still want to go to the supermarket every month, is because of the lack of fresh products on the line."

and electrical appliances, 3C, clothing, books and other categories of tragic competitive situation, compared to the daily necessities as fresh not only demand, but there is still a huge potential blue ocean". But industry insiders, fresh whole cold chain distribution, huge investment, the current domestic electricity supplier involved in a lot of fresh, but really do not have much influence.

therefore, it seems that the 1 shop is currently more consideration is to increase consumer stickiness and repurchase rate.

leveraging WAL-MART channel

reporter learned that the size of the online shopping market is constantly refresh record, but the permeability of agricultural products, clothing, cosmetics, 3C and other industries are much lower, only about 1%.

four years after the main food and beverage, shop No. 1 finally decided to move forward in the field of fresh.

Shop No. 1, vice president Guo Dongdong told the "daily economic news" reporter said, because WAL-MART has perfect import channels, in its open, ready to start relatively standardized fruit, after frozen and refrigerated meat, vegetables and fish. It is now within the outer ring of Shanghai distribution, the next step in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen fresh line category.

admits, "difficult to fresh preservation and transportation easy loss, also relates to food safety, but for a lot of business, no matter how hard the bones, have to bite down, after all, in the traditional channels, accounting for nearly 20% of total sales of fresh supermarket. Moreover, fresh will continue to stimulate the purchase, you can also increase consumer stickiness, prompting consumers to buy back rate. But in the reverse logistics and cold chain investment, profits will be much worse."

just told reporters, how to ensure freshness and quality of fresh products, as well as ensure that the distribution process is not damaged is the biggest challenge. "We have the advantage of accurate prediction of orders with suppliers, cooperation is comprehensive, their employees will work in our office area, which can do the most professional treatment, will minimize the damage rate."

is reported that the 1 shop has plans to increase the scope of the warehouse, and began in Xiamen, Shenyang, Xi’an, Ji’nan and other places to choose, the future can be achieved in more areas and the next day delivery.

reporter saw on its website, currently operates more than 60 kinds of fruit category, which does not

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