Electricity supplier to test the water after the first white get paid big data screening credit buye

size is not allowed, when the new season to buy a small amount, no evaluation, little things you do not know your own style…… There is electricity recently, "try before you buy" sweep you tangle.

recently, there is an invitation to "Master membership providers", launched the "try before you buy" service. It is reported that consumers can not pay a certain amount of goods to buy, if not satisfied with unconditional return. Industry experts believe that the first white get paid, installment and other flexible online shopping mode for the electricity supplier industry has injected new vitality.

big data screening credit buyers

at present, the service has been running for nearly two months in some clothing sellers, to determine each consumer can try before you buy the goods according to the scope of consumer habits, currently only to Tmall "T1~T3 grade Master" open, never consumers shopping at Tmall, in the balance of treasure freeze a certain amount to try this the service, and each consumer "try before you buy" rights scope, amount, repayment date is not the same.

consumer choice with "try before you buy" logo merchandise, orders directly, without payment, first trial experience after receiving the goods, then the right of payment. If you feel inappropriate, you can choose, I tried, I feel inappropriate direct return, do not have to communicate with the business and communication, the resulting freight will be confirmed after the return of freight insurance compensation. The first choice of consumers buying goods after the first test, the system will help consumers determine a repayment date, when consumers try to buy love objects, simply confirm receipt of payment before the repayment date can.

however, if the consumer fails to make timely payments, will not be able to enjoy the "try before you buy" service, payment, and within a certain period of time without irregularities before giving thaw and enjoy the service again.

credit class financial products and frequent

statistics show that since the trial operation in June 12th, nearly twenty thousand products provide a try before you buy "service, more than 126 thousand of the 134 thousand buyers to purchase goods, the final completion of the transaction of goods accounted for 87.2%.

it is understood that the "try before you buy" service first launched in the clothing category, the future is expected to cover other vertical markets. In addition to the "first get to pay, payment of credit financial products began to appear. If you buy a $3999 laptop computer on the Internet, 3 payments, each pay 1333 yuan, do not spend a penny on the computer can be moved back home. Tmall’s installment purchase service through the small loan will be paid in a lump sum of money to the merchant in a lump sum, consumers and then to the small loans to Ali, support 3, 6, 9 payment, free of charge within the 3 period.

in fact, try the first payment "mode is not Tmall, with the Jingdong after the launch of the" Jingdong program "has also been seen as online shopping and Internet financial depth. Consumers click in the event page to grab the IOUs, input.

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