Domestic e commerce sites will gradually enter the era of subdivision

08 years of financial crisis sweeping the globe, in this background, China also spared, but in all industries in the downhill, foreign trade export frequently blocked, the field of domestic e-commerce has bucked the trend, all the way. In particular, last year, in the case of the overall growth of the Internet industry, e-commerce growth rate as high as 300%, while the diversification of e-commerce, fine differentiation began to appear.

professional B2C e-commerce website will become a new economic growth point

in the electronic commerce to the Alibaba led by speculators led by C2C platform will be brought into the national e-commerce era, everyone can have their own website, but with the C2C shop there a lot of credibility crisis in product quality, service customer service and other issues, leading Taobao to focus on the advantages of resources, focus on the development of Taobao mall the construction of the B2C system, more professional.

today, July at the same time, Taobao search rules, to further increase the gap between big sellers and small sellers of Taobao, with Taobao on the development of these C2C big sellers, as Taobao mall sellers or establish their own independent shop is their development channel, such as wheat bags nets.

subdivision of B2C e-commerce sites will gradually show

any competition in the field to a certain extent will continue to be broken down, the Internet industry is no exception. Do the professional is the best, as per an e-commerce website subdivision standard slogan. The, focused on online shopping mall, Jingdong, Newegg will focus on digital products, and to network, love beauty is focused on women’s cosmetics industry.

Various segments of the electronic commerce website of

All flowers bloom together. began to emerge, gradually won the trust and love of consumers shopping, Taobao is no longer the only choice for consumers, a industry alone big situation is certainly not benign, diversified and also can promote the development of website in the field of Internet e-commerce.

professional e-commerce website has more brand marketing power

buy the site’s initial success stems from it every day to sell the same product, and professional B2C e-commerce site, and so on. The cosmetics B2C e-commerce website to network as an example, its close cooperation with many international top 500 enterprises, is the franchise of international brands of cosmetics online shopping mall. More than and 300 international brands such as Estee Lauder, have business brand Clinique, Lancome, Chanel, 20000 types of products. By virtue of its rich brand, convenient service, was named the 2009 consumer favorite website".

The electronic commerce website of

subdivision professional can in their own segments of intensive and meticulous farming to achieve the ultimate one, each aspect, this brings the most direct effect is to give the user a good shopping experience, to the product of a perfect customer service service, which is a comprehensive e-commerce website can do "

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