Do not give up the electronic commerce should insist on several points of their own ideas

07 years of contact with Taobao, when the feeling of online shopping is very reassuring, in case of problems with the goods even after the sale of security are not, if directly deceived, it would not complain without a door. Later, I know that online shopping is one of the main types of e-commerce, but always feel not reliable, do not want to do this, can not see the future. In fact, it is not surprising that the emerging industry. People have a process of acceptance. Not only me, but also my friends. Until 2009, I heard a friend to open shop in the Taobao money, slowly to the electronic commerce change of attitude, think the future of e-commerce have a brilliant future.

so I started my dream of e-commerce. It’s really hard to do everything, but it’s not easy. It does not insist that it is not enough, we must adhere to the front because of a loss, so it is willing to adhere to but can not stick to it. So in the major forums according to learn, do, say what to do online. In the unremitting efforts, slowly a little effect. Recently, Alibaba has a new platform —-1688, I feel that if things go on like this, there is no outbreak of a different point of view certainly not. This is an opportunity, so I joined the integrity of the pass. In this way, my e-commerce is more perfect, to the current practice of e-commerce has a few ideas:

, a promotion is king, whether it is the site, open shop, the key is to do with the traffic flow, and all subsequent work natural matter of course, and how to get traffic, is the goal and direction of the constant pursuit of every electronic business workers, at present, if you have the money to do pay promotion in the search engine, no money honestly in the forum text, such as outdated in A5, etc. the webmaster forum issued a press release, once included, can be reprinted, eliminating their own hair everywhere, everywhere be embarrassed.

two, image display, network of shops, websites with entity shop are the same as to focus on the image project, you Steamed Meat Dumpling delicious, but your store staff dirty, dirty environment, I believe that no one is willing to buy your Steamed Meat Dumpling. Similarly, the same product, the same price since when you do not have to go to a good store decoration. So in the external image is to work hard.

three, integrity pledge, network world with the real world is the same, the same is the real world, people in the operation in communication. Is not the same as a platform. As the saying goes, "doing business is to be a good name and a good business."". From time to time in good faith, to jointly safeguard the credibility of the network, the establishment of customer confidence, to create a harmonious, safe and secure e-commerce environment.

four, the survival of the fittest, in this highly competitive society, the survival of the fittest competition everywhere, learning from the juvenile period, youth employment, marriage, career competition to struggle with the disease in old age. How to break out from a piece of Red Sea to the blue ocean, in the same mode, play a different idea, is the first of all to have a vision of the war should be considered

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