Luxury unauthorized supremacy part of shoddy goods

following was accused of selling unauthorized Tissot, recently, many domestic electricity supplier has been blasting the sale of unauthorized SWAROVSKI products. Luxury consumption in the country more and more fire, the war between the brand and the electricity supplier on the issue of saliva war intensified.

online shopping luxury what is true? If there is no brand authorization, the electricity supplier from where the goods into? The reporter interviewed a number of insiders understand that, at present, the domestic luxury site of the supply chain is relatively poor, mostly through the parallel trader domestic goods. However, due to a variety of channels, luxury goods site is difficult to verify the source of parallel traders.

industry insiders said that with the outbreak of the problem, in the beginning of the domestic luxury electricity supplier industry will enter the stage of elimination.

status quo is not authorized to detonate electricity supplier luxury

in the past two years, behind the growth of the luxury electricity supplier industry, the sale of goods and the authenticity of the problem, has been plagued by some of the main factors in the development of luxury electricity supplier business.

last year, among the well-known brand Tissot and authorizes the problem had been caused by thin, high attention within the industry. And recently broke SWAROVSKI dissatisfied with the network channels to upset their price system, and many domestic electricity supplier companies pinch up.

SWAROVSKI said the company did not authorize any website sales of SWAROVSKI products in the China area, for all internet infringement or illegal sales of SWAROVSKI products, can consider to take corresponding legal action.

this is the "Tissot" publicly accused, and a luxury brand that electricity sales channels. LV, GUCCI, PRADA and other luxury brands have also made a similar statement.

then, part of the network mall official said, mall sales of SWAROVSKI and other luxury goods are from the regular channels, suppliers and brands have legitimate business qualifications, and the goods and complete formalities with the regular commercial invoice is in line with the laws of People’s Republic of China normal goods. In addition, the mall and related suppliers within the scope of the law will be solely responsible for these goods related after-sales service.

however, the great brand with most of the luxury goods business platform is not willing to disclose what they say is the formal channels, also let consumers have doubts and mistrust.

The purchase price is high with a


data show that more than 80% of China’s electricity supplier in the field of luxury goods manufacturers have not been directly authorized.

for luxury electricity supplier, and the supplier reached a supply agreement, almost impossible. The first problem faced by the luxury electricity supplier is, who will buy me a real luxury?

"there is a sunshine channel, from the hands of the brand to obtain direct authorization of some product lines;"

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