Big Taobao community e commerce layout Acquisition phpwind

just a few months ago, phpwind is an old-fashioned word, if drag out an ignoble existence. In the eyes of the discuz community operators, Comsenz occupied the absolute number of very influential, the local community of users. However, we see all change in October 17, 2009! 2009 phpwind in Hangzhou held a "win-win open · · share" of the local community website forum; after the meeting, in the long lane founder Qian Yu local community organization alliance Q group, call a sound: "phpwind7.5


this story is the most interesting part is the Alibaba "reincarnation" plan, a defenseless opponent suddenly became very powerful! At the same time, we can see a very unique business model from this story: system software itself does not make money, and implanted business plug-ins can bring huge market coverage and value


phpwind for breaking Comsenz new versions of products Discuz –PHPWind 7.5 has 4 core:

1, single logic user center

portal model, community model, e-commerce model and personal space model are using a single user management system, switching between modes is no longer a pass, but a single user authentication. The portal model integrates the CMS and the community model post content in a unified database system, where search and topic words within the chain become feasible and efficient.

2, plug in technology

PHPWind plug-in card exchange function is a very important improvement of Hua Long Xiang Qian Yu’s founder. It may bring value to community operations as follows:

· greatly improve the operational capacity of the general content of the vertical industry in small and medium-sized local communities.

· provide promotion channels for content contributors.

· local community areas may present professional content providers.

· if the formation of the scale will produce a new form of advertising alliance.

plug behind the attractive features of Taobao’s plug-in ali. Mom is still not optimistic, there are still Tao to the marketing of violence suspects. However, attachment of plug-in technology, Amoy implantation community, the form will change: the guest may be a SNS game, may be the trial of a virtual reality experience system, in Amoy at gradually "look like advertising".

3, with all the Forum Search segmentation

forum word search has been operating the community Internet Co — pain pain, but did not dare to say. Phpwind in order to market share, actually come up with such an attractive baby. Maiduhaizhu, this bead is a function or a world? "

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