How to plan a monthly income of 30 thousand yuan a small C shop

In fact, Taobao

has a lot of survival form, not to do Amoy brand to earn money, so how to make a profitable small C shop, every month and earn a few million yuan, that is the dream of many people, today to talk about how to make money, planning a small C


1, shop name;

just do Taobao people have a misunderstanding, a lot of people want to shop, to buy things directly to take your account directly to shop, usually the accounts of ID are: nana1987, 888 wise and so on, this is wrong? What looks is no problem, but if you want to do business better, more professional, there are corresponding relationship with your best name what you sell, we listen to a story of


this is a real case in 09 years, Shandong has a sell Ejiao Taobao seller, he registered a Taobao ID Name: Shandong E-Jiao group, the results of a year as about 5000000 of sales, is so magical, because the China network user identification consciousness is not strong, so I really thought this is Ejiao group shop, so trust is particularly high, naturally high


so as to take a meaningful name to your shop is very necessary, for example: facial care experts, I am young, the direct supply of domestic perfume shop and so on, with the product you are selling to cater to


2, find the product category;

if you are not a superior operation capability, and you do not have a very powerful team, then I suggest you do not reach those categories, such as women’s clothing, mask and so on, a lot of people say Taobao, is to open a dress shop, or cosmetics shops, this concept is wrong, you are to what do these products? Because there is a plot of these products, or to make money while doing? I expect most of the buyers are trying to make money and do, but if you are to make money and sell products, sell these categories of products but not to earn money.


really want to make money in Taobao, but is doing some small categories, small category competition, how to find some small categories do? Very simple, download a train 200 thousand Taobao keyword table, then you will find that many of the small market, find the supply of goods, to sell, you will be more relaxed the trouble, not easily frustrated;


found a small market, the market needs to do what is cutting, cutting, such as: rotary mop, after you through the data analysis, found that housewives and pet is a very obvious feature, then you can be in the rotary mop Market, cutting a position, is the home of pet mopping artifact the housewives of scene design, so that you can be all the different market selling mop, probably meant that after the time to write a special article to explain this, or in the open class in


3, SKU number of products;


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