Taobao mall to enable independent domain name or consider spin off independent operations

yesterday, Taobao’s B2C vertical channel Taobao mall enabled an independent domain name, showing its spin off the pace of independent operations increasingly accelerated, in order to cope with the smoke from the four industry impact.

according to informed sources, Taobao mall will enable a new independent domain name, to replace the current dependence on Taobao’s two domain name The source pointed out that the Taobao mall to enable a new domain name, in fact, is paving the way for its independent operations. Previously, former Baidu chief operating officer Ye Peng has just joined Taobao is responsible for Taobao mall business. "Who can smell Taobao strengthen B2C business atmosphere." It is reported that Taobao mall turnover has now contributed to Taobao’s annual sales of 7%-8%.

, a senior analyst at Analysys International Cao Fei said that Taobao ought to store business spin off. In his view, Taobao started relying on C2C, Taobao mall as a vertical B2C channel, both to the user’s online shopping experience is different, poor recognition is not conducive to the development of their own brands. After the news, Taobao will launch a new Taobao shopping mall advertising on TV, bus signs, subways and other places in the early November.

although Alibaba, Taobao is still China’s e-commerce market leader, but too dependent on C2C business. Baidu recently launched the cool days, Jingdong, Dangdang, where customers market influence gradually strengthened, and even Chinese post, WAL-MART and other domestic traditional enterprises aimed at B2C, Taobao mall in the "four smoke" market is certainly not lonely.

articles reprinted with   wag tail community  source Beijing business daily

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