College life fees rise online shopping accounted for the bulk

recently, a group of "daughter less than 500 living expenses, the street refers to scold mother" photos by netizens crazy pass, attracted many celebrities, micro-blog hot friends, about 500 students living enough? Online shopping accounted for the proportion of consumption of college students have? "And other issues was to be the focus of attention. In this regard, the investigation into the investigation into the volume of the skin of the university campus dozens of college students in Shenzhen, on the issue of a random interview.

college students online shopping costs are more than 300 yuan

survey results show that the current cost of living for college students in Shenzhen are more than 1000 yuan, while the online shopping costs are more than 300, of which the number of female college students online shopping is generally higher than boys. Interview crowd, the majority of female college students will not online shopping every month, while a small number of male college students fixed monthly 1, 2 online shopping. Among them, the majority of online shopping clothes and snacks.

19 year old Yang is a online shopping Master, is a sophomore at Shenzhen University. A few days ago, she bought several sets of autumn and winter clothes in Taobao,, net sales and other business platform, the total price of only 300 yuan.

"brand store clothes are too expensive, only on the Internet Amoy some similar clothes." The day before, Xiao Yang told rolling network investigators, she is a love dress girl, but because the cost of living is limited, parents and grassroots workers, so Yang only online stores choose their love style, take pictures, and then back to the dorm roll skin net discount website Amoy Amoy similar clothes. Such a turn down, Yang not only Amoy to their favorite clothes, and relative to the physical store, small Yang Sheng under a few hundred pieces.

for college students 500 yuan living enough enough, Xiao Yang said it is too little, with her as an example, the monthly cost of spending on the online shopping is about $400 per month living expenses are at $1100.

in addition, most students think they chose online shopping, one is affordable; two is convenient logistics, will be able to stay at home to buy things; three people are online shopping, online shopping seems not to keep pace with the modern people’s rhythm.

online shopping OK? Parents each one sticks to his own viewpoint

children want to buy something, you can choose to discuss with their parents, as long as the requirements reasonable, no reason to refuse." The day before, who lives in Nanshan District Xinghai gardens Miss Xiao told reporters that she opposed the students using the cost of living consumption, she believes that students should Study hard.

as long as the use of the remaining living expenses for online shopping, I am in favor of." Who lives in Futian District, the girls are in favor of college students online shopping. She said, ‘as long as the rational consumption, use of the remaining living expenses in the online consumption is acceptable, after all, they have grown up, have their own ideas, if deliberately suppress them, but not conducive to take care of their daily life.

most of the parents interviewed believe that online shopping is a trend, college students online shopping is also very positive

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