Speeding up the strategic planning and promoting the development of cross border e commerce in China

with the acceleration of economic globalization and the global information process, the Internet and e-commerce is increasingly becoming an important force in economic and social development. Recently, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, proposed four measures to promote the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce health, "Internet plus foreign trade to achieve better into the excellent, expanding consumption, promoting the upgrading of open economy, create new economic growth point.

so, the development of e-commerce will bring new opportunities for our country how? Our country is currently in the development of cross-border electricity supplier which is facing the problem? How to help from the national level should be the future development of cross-border electricity supplier in China? The development research center of the state information center researcher Li Guangqian in an interview with reporters China economic times, because of the cross-border electricity supplier will represent the general trend, usher in a major development opportunities in the next three to five years, it is necessary to develop cross-border e-commerce development strategy from the national level, clear cross-border e-commerce in the national business status and role in the development of the international trade negotiations, "The Belt and Road construction to strengthen cross-border e-commerce component. Currently, in particular, to strengthen cross-border electricity supplier logistics system planning and construction of the third party payment tools for international promotion.

electronic payment and logistics is the main problem faced by cross-border electricity supplier

Li Guangqian pointed out that the current development of information in electronic commerce leading to bring three tools for the economic development of our country: one is the electronic commerce platform including e-commerce, social networking platform and search engine etc.; two is the electronic payment instruments; the three is the construction of modern logistics system to the electricity supplier for the content of the express logistics. Above to promote economic development of the three big for the development of cross-border electricity supplier has laid a solid foundation.

, however, the above rely on e-commerce to promote economic development, the three tools to play the role of the premise, the first is the need to have the appropriate information conditions, such as the construction of web application platform. Secondly, we must have a perfect electronic payment system. Electronic payment to those undeveloped countries and regions to promote e-commerce will be relatively difficult, such as "The Belt and Road along some countries.

talked about the current development status in the cross-border electricity supplier, Li Guangqian believes that the large-scale development of cross-border electricity supplier in recent years, the development of cross-border electricity supplier development in China and other advanced countries be roughly the same. Although the development of cross-border electricity supplier faster, but overall still in the initial stage. Due to cross-border electricity supplier related to logistics, customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, electronic payment and many other aspects, the complexity of its traditional trade. At present, the main bottleneck restricting the development of cross-border electricity supplier or electronic payment and logistics issues.

strengthen cross-border electricity supplier electronic payment system construction

executive meeting of the State Council, to encourage cross-border electronic payments, cross-border foreign exchange payments to promote the pilot, to support the domestic bank card clearing agency to expand overseas business. In Li Guangqian’s view, the payment and settlement issues are important problems to be solved in the current development of cross-border electricity supplier. "Third party payment instruments in China, such as"

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